What Can You Do With Your Life Today?

The average American spends only four hours a week practicing healthy living. The average American also has to put up with nearly 9 hours in commuting to work and almost four hours at work each day.

Is there anything we can do with our time today to make a significant health and fitness impact? According to a recent study of over one thousand adults, the answer is a resounding yes. In fact, the most common things people do with their time each day to help maintain or increase fitness are: exercise, eat well, and do something creative with their leisure time. In short, this year’s Year of Living Healthfully will help you live healthier than average even if you don’t work out. The year also has a theme that encourages us to do something creative with our leisure time, a theme that includes fitness, arts, family, and more.

Below is a list of things you can do this year to make a positive difference with your life.

1. Exercise. To maximize health benefits, exercise has to be your #1 activity. This is because exercise is a powerful tool to reduce disease risks and increase life expectancy, no matter what your ability is. As such, this is one of your most important activities in the year of healthy living.

2. Eat Well. Exercise is important, but if you get fat and are not moving well, your health and fitness will suffer for longer than if you are physically active and in shape. In addition, you will lose out on the nutrition your body needs to function well. The more you eat and the more you move outdoors, the healthier you will be. In addition, the amount of exercise you do is a factor too. The more exercise you do, the more healthy you will be.

3. Do Something Creative. Most of us spend most of our lives indoors doing dull activities that don’t help us. We don’t get outdoors, and we don’t get out and do something creative with our time.   Instead, we watch TV, have dinner, read, and more (even if we like to take walks).   The Year of Living Healthfully also encourages that we do something creative with our time. For example, start a journal or a blog. Find an activity that makes you happy. The Year of Living Healthfully provides a set of simple ways to encourage doing something creative with your leisure time.

4. Be a Parent. One of our most important activities throughout the year is parenting. Children are the ones who will take care of us in our old age.   We need to get out and be that great parent for our kids. We do this for them by being a great provider as well, and being supportive and involved.   We can help them by getting more sleep.   And we can help them by exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.   Do any of the above and we can help them all year long with healthy living, including taking care of them.

5. Do Something With Our Time. The Year of Living Healthfully is all about creating a life that is both healthy and meaningful. In fact, it is my challenge to create a life that is a combination of healthy living and meaningful activities. Some suggestions could include starting a blog, going on a bike ride in your neighborhood, working, reading, and more. The best ideas can come from a lot of sources, not just the people in my life, but people from all around the world.   So, my challenge for this year is, start a blog. I have started one already and it has been a fun journey for me. As I said at the start of this blog, it is a new thing for me, and not for the better. But, I will keep at it.