What Causes Anxiety And What Can Be Done About It?

Some of us experience anxiety and panic and panic attacks, and it is not always easy to manage those feelings and get back on track. If you are experiencing this type of anxiety, know that taking time to acknowledge and process the feelings is often necessary to get back on track.

Anxiety has always been a huge part of my life and my struggle with anxiety has left me feeling like there was something wrong with me. Even though I started taking my own life a few years ago, my anxiety and panic attacks persisted. It didn’t take much time for me to realize that my panic attacks were caused by the way I was feeling and that, in this state, I became completely reliant on my panic attacks for the “me feeling good” signals, and the anxiety and panic attacks responded positively to the “me feel bad” signals as the brain attempts to shut that feedback cycle down.

The reason why my anxiety and panic attacks were so hard to manage was because I didn’t allow myself to process these feelings, they were simply buried under this vast body of hypervigilance. Over time, I found myself taking a more active role and actively trying to cope with these feelings and manage my anxiety and panic attacks.

The way I worked in addressing my anxiety and panic attacks was to create a more comfortable, non negative place where I could feel comfortable and start to manage the feelings that had been buried in me for all these years. I created a meditation practice that was more centered around my breath, with less focus on external stimuli. I created a support network of people who I could call up at any time that would help me through the anxiety and panic attacks. By using this approach with the meditation, and with the support of a few people, I was gradually able to feel more comfortable and stable in my own skin. I was able to focus on my breathing, instead of trying to “get into a good place” and feel calm and secure, as I often did. I was able to focus on feeling my breath and the sensations of my body and my mind. To me, this was a much healthier approach and helped me better understand the feelings within me and how to cope with them.

Eventually, I got to a point where I was able to do a meditation routine and I was able to find out what was actually going on with my body and my mind and what was causing my anxiety and panic attacks and how the brain is processing things and creating the anxiety and panic attacks.

After doing some research, reading books, and doing personal research, I found this blog and what this blog taught me was that the way anxiety and panic attacks are created is from what in my opinion is an inaccurate view of what the mind and the brain really is.

I came away from the research and research my brain did on itself and how it reacted to stimuli and emotions and thought processes with the new belief that the brain and the nervous system (our nervous system) are not really conscious in the way that we often assume, they are only reacting to stimuli because that is what they are “designed” to do. I came away from this research and studies and from trying to understand my own brain with more compassion and understanding and it helped me to understand how to move beyond the “me get better” type of thinking and to create a more accepting and open frame of mind.

It also helped me to understand how I could better manage my anxiety and panic attacks, and how I could better relate to my anxiety and panic attacks and what “coping with” anxiety and panic attacks could really mean in my own life.

This new understanding is what this blog was created for, to help you get to a place where you understand about your own mind and the way you “think” and “regulate” your thoughts, emotions, and body sensations.