What Do I Need To Know About Healthy Dieting?

People want to know how to eat healthy, but I find it easier to tell people what I ate for breakfast and lunch the day before. By having a basic plan in place, you have a baseline to track progress in order to see success. Here are some of the tips I use in the morning to keep myself on track.

This is very hard for me to do. In fact, it’s embarrassing. I want to eat something delicious. I want that smoothie with kale and bananas. It’s like saying, “I want to put on a suit of armor. I want that to be some kind of disguise. I want to keep me looking like myself. I want to wear glasses and carry around a wallet, just so that people can look at me the way I want.” It’s ridiculous. But I need to be prepared for that day. I need to have an idea about what I’m going to eat. It makes it more fun. That’s why I use a spreadsheet when tracking calories. There is no reason that one has to be so hard on themselves.

Here are a few things to do and say that will inspire you in what to eat.

Do You Have To Eat It ? It’s Not About Me If you are not going to eat that, don’t do it. It doesn’t mean that it’s not good for you. Maybe your body needs something else more exotic to fill a craving or that you just don’t like. But it’s more about you than about your body.

It’s Your Brain That Can Eat Anything I was recently invited to a picnic with a bunch of people my age. Each person that was there had their own favorite foods. Some were vegetarian, some were chicken, some were fish. Some people even had chocolate or cookies. Then the food was served. Some of the people that were there were absolutely starving at the end. The one thing I can say for it is that my brain could eat that food. The food was just too good. And the ones that couldn’t eat it left the picnic to go back to eating some type of candy. That’s their choice. It doesn’t matter what I’m eating. Maybe it’s not the right thing, but the brain is doing what is right for it. This applies to every task in life. It doesn’t matter if I’m doing a great job at work. My brain will still just tell me to give it food. In those situations, it’s not about me and mine anymore. It’s not about what I want anymore. It’s about what I need and what I can’t live without. Your brain is hungry. It’s just going to follow any kind of command. To the point where it might not even matter.

I Need You To Be In The Same Situation If You Can, Then You Should Do That I try not to take responsibility for anybody else’s meal plan anymore. I make it super easy on my teammates. I say, “Hey guys, here’s the plan. Here’s the meal plan. You choose what to do.” But it’s not just like, “I am going to make these choices for you to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at random times throughout the day.” No. It’s like, “I’m going to make sure you eat what I tell you to. I’m going to tell you to eat a bunch of the things that I’m not eating, and I’m going to tell you to do this or to do that.” I don’t care how much sugar or what other food is on the table if I can’t feed myself, the next person to put anything in the plate is going to feel guilty. I need you to be in the same room, eating that same food, and making that same decision. Because if you can’t, nobody else can.

This is also something that you will see a trend on any team, on any person, every single day. If they have a task, I can imagine everyone being in a really negative mood. For them to think about something better, or to think about what they might be doing wrong, will always inspire them.