What Do I Need To Know About Sperm?

At this point, there is nothing more interesting than sperm. But as you consider the implications of the scientific evidence and the way in which humans have interacted with the fluid for thousands of years, there are other surprising consequences we need to be aware of.

We may be able to tell that someone belongs to a high-class or royal family, but what is actually the basis for the claim? We do know that the king’s sperm is the richest and also that his offspring will be more successful than those from other men. In addition, this fact is reflected in the way an individual’s sperm is perceived.

This is evident through the ways that we choose to describe someone’s sperm. We will look at the different ways in which this fluid may be described today.

We have often spoken about sperm’s colour.

This is a very popular way to describe your sperm.

As you can probably imagine, the way in which we are describing sperm may also vary according to the age at which individuals reproduce. This is also reflected in the way in which women are described when they are pregnant.

This is how the word ‘sperm-splendour’ is used in English today.  

This, you may notice, is very similar to the way in which children are described in the past in India and China.

These are just a few of the ways in which people may describe this fluid. But what do people really mean by calling their sperm ‘white’? 

White is a very popular colour for male offspring from the US.

Sperm that is white is a very distinctive marker of a prince.

White sperm has also become a symbol of a high-class male.

Women of the middle, upper class, are also known to conceive white sperm.

There is also a connection between white sperm and white-collar occupations.

We may be well aware of this fact at this point. But, how common is white-spermia?   Here is a list of studies.  

White-spermia can occur in the same individuals.

The probability of having white sperm may vary between generations due to genetic variants.

The likelihood of carrying the white allele may not decrease significantly each generation (after controlling for confounding variables).

White-spermia may also be due to the same genetics, but the individual is only exposed to the gene as their father.

Some people with a non-white surname with white sperm do not reproduce white-spermized embryos.

There is currently no evidence that suggests that white sperm can also increase the chance of conception.

In the same study of African-American couples who do not pass the white allele on their sperm, the probability of carrying a white child with white phenotype is:

There is still not much evidence that implies a connection between white-spermia and the higher education of an individual’s parents. That being said, the study that does describe the higher education of fathers is pretty interesting.  

White-Spermia Can Cause Genetic Problems

White sperm may also cause genetic anomalies.

These genetic problems may manifest as birth defects.

The incidence of various disorders has been estimated from studies.

The incidence is increased in the offspring of men with a high degree of inbreeding .

The incidence of severe recessive disorders is increased in the offspring of men with a high degree of inbreeding and men with an inherited disorder .

The incidence of severe recessive disorders is increased in the offspring of men with a high degree of inbreeding and men (with different genes) with a different disorder .

And it has been proposed that inbreeding results in increased incidence of certain neurodegenerative disorders such as cystic fibrosis .