What Do My Eyes Say About Me?

Why have glasses always seemed to suit me better than my eyes? I don’t know. I’ll probably never know. But when we’re all dressed up to go out in public and we walk into a place, we look at our partner’s face and each other’s before we walk in. The first thing I think, then we walk in. Why would I forget things? I don’t look at my reflection in a mirror now, but my kids do and I’m still the same person who does things that are wrong. I need to get rid of that for myself.

I once had an optical consultant make me glasses that I wanted but felt were unneeded. After I went into the doctor, he told me, “Don’t wear those; you need to wear those to see.” I said, “That’s it? No one is going to see them.” And he says, “You’re going to be a celebrity if you wear the glasses.” So he fitted them for me. And I kept them on for months and months afterward, going out and talking to random people. It was like they were my own personal eyes to see what they wanted to see in me. This might sound strange but when I wear them, I feel like I live somewhere else. I can look behind me and see the whole room. It’s like I have an additional layer of privacy, as if I didn’t have any. It’s like I can get lost in the room. Even the little things when I can’t see what I’m looking at, like the corners of the room, I can see so much more and much more clearly. So don’t worry about it, if glasses work for you, they work for you — period.

This may come off as being “mean,” but I’m not. The thing is, a lot of people have this idea — whether it’s me or you — that there should be certain roles or limitations on how we look. And then there’s the other side of the coin, which is that it’s an obligation to put up with all these weird little problems that we all have, and sometimes we just want them to go away. I had an eye specialist tell me my vision was perfect until I got this new pair of glasses; then he changed my prescription to make me look even more stupid. I think it’s OK. I just don’t want to be held to a certain standard of beauty. I don’t think everyone wants to have the same look. If I had my drab, boring, boring brown eyes, you couldn’t have me. No matter what I wear, I can’t look like everyone else. And I don’t even think I should have to. The fact that I can wear these things and people can look up to me and say, “Wow, she has good taste in men” or whatever, makes me feel really good. I have all these friends who think I can make my own rule about this. They’ve never seen me without glasses, and they think that’s how I think, which isn’t like me at all. But that’s not going to do anything but hurt me as they get older and not understand me, and it won’t take me anywhere.

* * * If you feel strongly about what I’m saying, by all means, share your thoughts on my website, or on a blog, a forum, or wherever you choose. I only ask that your opinions be civil, non-abusive, and in the best spirit. If you decide to write about this further, I’d be happy to post your comments (which will be anonymous) on this blog. I don’t see much point for me to be anonymous unless I want to be. I do not want other women to feel attacked. I just want to feel heard. As for my own blog, I still haven’t gotten around to putting it up yet, but I will eventually. I’ll post something eventually. Thank you for taking the time to read this.