What Do You Think About Your Life Right Now?

I can promise you that I’d never ask you that. In fact, I don’t think this is a healthy thing to do. If you need to know yourself I offer a free self-study online service for the purpose.

This week while I was listening for a little inspiration while reading some self development blog posts, I happened upon these beautiful words: “Your life is unique. But like any other person you should be proud of who you are.” Those two sentences in particular have helped me to get past a lot of obstacles that I’ve had to overcome. For instance, when I did my last retreat that I’ve been planning and organizing for the last few months, I found that it changed everything that I thought I should be doing. Now when I go to work I’m more grateful to be able to do what I love and less anxious about the fact that I’m not really on my way to my true calling.

Now let’s talk some about my own life: I don’t have a lot of money, I don’t travel much, I don’t have friends, and I am an introvert. I think it might have something to do with all of the things that I have found to be true through reading, reading, reading and learning and the many conversations with other introverts that I have had over the years which also helped me to figure out what I’m comfortable with. For example, I’ve always told myself that introversion is a negative quality that will hold me back from success in life because I am extremely socially insecure, but reading other introverts’ blog posts has taught me that I could become really successful while being an introvert if I had the proper support.

I have two close relatives that I love very much and they encourage me to always find a way to make time out of my busy schedule to visit them and spend a few hours of time with them, which I believe will improve my life. I have friends with my husband, friends that I know well but that I think are good people overall (and I think they’re very good at what they do) and we go hiking and explore a new place together every once in a while. I am also lucky enough to have found a husband with whom I feel very happy, who provides a happy home (but still not necessarily the most financially secure one) and whom I love unconditionally. I don’t have too much in the way of hobbies or interests, in fact I was never a huge fan of sports and I haven’t done any for many years because I found being around people to be more productive, but I’m a very happy person, I’m very lucky and so many others have shown me that I can do what I want and what I see as important while being in control.

I think this is another point that people with high opinions have trouble understanding: I’m not sure I can count on myself to be a successful person, and that comes down to me just being lucky. Most of the time in my life I don’t feel strongly about anything and I haven’t had a sense of direction in my life for a very long time, so I have a lot of freedom that I could use to take my life to the next level and I do, and sometimes I make mistakes along the way, but in the end I’m very fortunate to have managed to find happiness in a very hard and challenging path that leads to success.

This is a lot of information that I have absorbed over the last month, and I still have a lot of work to do before I’ll be able to say that I know who I am, who I want to be, and what my purpose in life will be. If you’re like I am, you’ll have to take my word for it that I am going to get there someday. I’ll be more prepared at the end of this month than I am now and I’m confident that it will help me go on the path that works for me.