What Does Eating Food Help You With?

Food may be the ultimate health elixir, but it’s not always easy to discern how much we use food in our day-to-day lives. We don’t get a direct feed of our food intake because we rarely get food from our mouths. We also don’t get a direct feed of what we ate and why it came to us. With help from our brains, we can get an idea of what we are eating without ever eating it.

This is probably the hardest question I’ve ever answered to date, but it’s an important one. I believe your life is not about knowing everything; you must learn to have the capacity to enjoy life and enjoy your daily life. What does it take to know when it’s time to stop? It’s a lot.

What does it take to know when it’s time to slow down and enjoy life? As humans, we need to be able to distinguish between the need to do something and the need of enjoying it. One of the main sources of the desire to accomplish something is actually, “I want to do that, even if it means that I’m doing this, or I’m doing that, and I’m not enjoying this.” When we allow ourselves to be completely content and focused on what’s in front of us, we see life for what it really is. This is a major difference between what you do and what’s right in front of you. It is also a difference between what life is and what you hope life is. Life is what you can’t change. And once you start to change what you’re doing, life changes. You can’t predict how change will have to become to accommodate your new circumstances and priorities in your life, but we do know that change requires pain. Change is necessary for growth and for your health. It’s also a necessary part of healing from trauma.

What does it take to know when it’s time to slow down, look for opportunities to enjoy life, and appreciate what is in front of you? This is a question we don’t have answers to because we haven’t had enough time to spend on things and to have an opportunity to try things out. But I will try to give you some guidance about what you can expect along with some tips on how to live in a way that doesn’t sacrifice your health for the sake of “comfort” and “fun.”

We need to make the conscious choice to try things that are new and that take time to evaluate. 

You need to realize how valuable the process of thinking is because of our ability to remember a lot of facts. You need to realize that your memory is not your best ally because of the limitations of your brain. You need to realize that your brain doesn’t have a long life span because of the damage done by radiation from other parts of the body, and by our use of the brain to take on too many things so quickly. Learning and doing a lot of things in a short amount of time are both very dangerous to your brain cells.

We also know that there are more things we have to do in life than just try something out.  

To slow down, you need to make the conscious decision to stop eating junk food (the most obvious and most important). You need to stop drinking that soda at the store, get some exercise, and get into exercise classes if possible. All of these things will help you to have the ability to enjoy your life, that is, when you are able to continue to be in a state of physical and mental health.

You can find ways to slow down when you already know where you are in life. Some people just learn to stop eating junk food. Some people, however, have a change of attitude and learn to stop drinking soda, eat healthier, and go to the gym/class when they can.

You can look at a lot of information about your life, talk to your loved ones, check out books, podcasts, blogs or watch videos on YouTube. You can think about it from a certain perspective. You can see how much time is spent on things that don’t make you happy and that you have to spend on other things because you don’t enjoy it. 

You can start to look at your priorities and find out what makes you happiest, then find some things in your life that you can do to enjoy every minute of it, while looking at which activities you enjoy and which ones are just a waste of your time because they take too much time away from you.