What Does Healthier Me Mean?

I’m pretty sure that some people would say that everyone gets healthier with age. For others it means more years of life, a longer life. It could mean an easier life, a more happy life, a more fulfilled life, a happier life.

Life is a series of battles over time. We can’t change the past but we can change the future. To win, we need to focus on what we can control now – making healthy choices now – and not on what we can’t – thinking about the future. A big lesson I learned from the end of my marriage is that we get the best things in life by focusing on the present. “My life is filled with so many choices – so many ways I could change what’s important to me. My life is filled with so much that I can’t control. There are just so many things that could change with a single moment of courage.” – Author (and health blogger) John R.

Life gets very complicated when you are older – life gets very complicated when the choices you make don’t involve what is most important now.  A good friend of mine, who I’ve written about a bunch lately, lives a good amount of her time in a place called Dementia Paresis  – a place where she’s paralyzed by the things she can’t control. My advice about the book is  a little complex… The book’s main points are focused on how hard it was to go from a place where we didn’t have much control to a place where we do – and what it means when we have so much more control. It has become something I call my “healthy life mantra”, which I’ll do an example from above in the first sentence. It says: “My life is filled with so many choices – so many ways I could control what’s important to me.” My goal every day is to find those choices and choose what is most important now – and to do it with my whole heart, mind, and soul – never letting the past or the future or “what’s next” get in the way because of distractions. It’s not easy and it’s not always going well. But I am happy that I’ve made slow, steady progress – and that I have to be happy and feel fulfilled and be happy, not just survive . There’s nothing easy about being a single mom – and my journey can be difficult. But in order to move forward. it’s important.  To make choices and put them into action. It can be difficult in the beginning and may take years on end to get right. When I try to find myself on a map, I feel so lost, so disconnected from myself and from who I was before. It’s hard to explain how it comes across – it’s really strange and disjointed – but when I find myself on a map, I realize I am surrounded by my family, the friends who’ve helped me to build a life in the first place, the people who care about my well being, but also who make me stronger – and that I am surrounded by people who make me smile every day.

So there you have it. My health blog has evolved from a simple way I keep up with the news and a way to read about science and health (though I am in no way a scientist or a health care professional).

A lot of people have said that they don’t have time for blogs, but I think the reason why is because they don’t want to read them, they want to feel less vulnerable and more in control of it.

I think what they don’t understand is that you can write a blog and put yourself in the place of your blog visitor – you don’t have to take a step back and think of everything they are reading and thinking about.

I write blogs because I want to know where my decisions are going, who my readers are and what I can have an impact for.