What Happened When I Quit Drinking Alcohol

My life has been transformed since I stopped drinking alcohol. I find it easier to be present with those around me, to be around people and realize that we’re not limited to just our physical needs. It also gives me more energy.

It has been over 4 years since I quit alcohol. I was struggling with the desire to get drunk. Alcohol was just something that I had a “thing” with. As with many addictions, I could not see beyond the temporary high. This was very easy to do because alcohol is the perfect drug. It’s a euphoric drug with a unique smell and a unique flavor.

It feels very natural to drink because it’s very easy. You can get intoxicated very fast. I could feel the buzz from minutes to hours after I had one. After the buzz ended and alcohol got to the head a little bit, the buzz disappeared as the head got dryer. At this point I started feeling extremely tired and irritable, just like an extreme hangover.

I did not like how I felt. I always knew I was not a “drinker” but I always had a good time while drinking. I really just enjoyed the buzz from alcohol to relieve some stress or tiredness. No longer able to indulge in this, I started looking at my drinking habits as a big mistake. I had been taking myself out of my comfort zone and had no idea how I was going to get better. I had no idea that the only way to improve was to quit drinking.

You Have to Quit Drinking

I started writing this article a few days ago. As I was finishing up editing, I remembered that drinking was just something I did in my childhood. I had no idea what I did with my time outside of what I did while drinking. I only knew I could drink alcohol and that I would enjoy it.

That reminded me of something that happened recently. When I was at an event with all my work colleagues, I was a bit frustrated: I had spent 2 hours just drinking and drinking. I was not enjoying myself, despite the fact that I was feeling like I had the energy of a drunk. I got the sense that most people there were just drinking because it was the easiest thing to do.

It took me some time to realize I had wasted over 30-45 minutes of that event. I was no longer getting any enjoyment out of drinking. When I stopped, the event had gone by and I saw my wasted energy on the ground. It made me realize that drinking alcohol is so addictive because you can easily turn around and do the exact same event over and over.

It’s a habit. Drinking to get drunk. Drinking because the feeling is so enjoyable. Drinking because it makes me feel good. Drinking to forget about your problems. But you do regret drinking once you stop.

It is not fun to end an event early. You feel exhausted as you get back to your home. But instead of doing something else to relax, you can just think about drinking. You are not enjoying yourself and that can lead to your downfall. You can become so drunk that you may even forget what happened. It is so easy to start all over again with alcohol even though you know you will regret it.

But you must never do that. If it was just fun before, it will be enjoyable again once you stop.

So you have to stop drinking. And you also have to stop thinking so much about alcohol. You cannot just have it on the table and take a drink whenever you want. The key is to make the decision in the moment and not think. It will be fine when you choose to stop but if you wait it out, you may become depressed, even if you never want to get drunk. Alcohol is a drug. It just affects our mental state.