What Happens If You Are Sick Or Just Need To Do Something?

When we are exhausted and tired, our bodies and minds are less able to focus and focus and focus. I always tell my clients to “set the alarm clock and go!” Once that alarm clock rings, don’t look for another alarm. Go for another opportunity to do something.

If your health is compromised, and it has been compromised for some time, you’re never going to regain your optimal functioning. That’s because the time you’ve spent away from home and the lack of physical challenges that could allow the body to rest, recover, and regenerate, have all contributed. Once those challenges go away, you have the ability to restore your body, and it all does happen sooner if you take care of yourself and stick to your plan.

Take the time to identify your problem areas, then identify the action steps you can take next. If you are suffering from fatigue, then start by finding the best route home, rather than a quick “get to the gym.” 

“Let’s say you were on a diet to lose weight, and instead of having no appetite, you find yourself in the same position after eating a cookie. What would you do? Would you still continue, or would you be tempted to take a bite of the cookie first? 

There goes your calorie budget for the day. What if, instead of focusing on getting a good night’s sleep, it was actually the diet you were on that was making you feel exhausted and lacking energy?”

If it’s a chronic problem, you’ll need to set yourself up with a plan for maintenance, and that means taking time to assess your own weaknesses and problems and come up with solutions. I used “Ask The Doctor” when I was dealing with stress injuries back when I had to be away from my practice for treatment for my cancer. I would tell myself, “I will use this time to find my own Doctor.” As I had not yet met my doctor, I decided this time I would ask my mother who was an OB/GYN who specialized in my type of pelvic pain.

In this case, I thought it would be a good time to get to know my mother better, rather than getting to know a stranger first, and I spent an hour talking to her about the problem that was plaguing me, and we had a very interesting discussion about my issues with depression. She was very supportive of my decision and knew it would be helpful because a lot of her patients had similar problems and depression.

“Now you’ve asked your mom for advice, and she didn’t know that you were planning to go online and write a blog post. She was very supportive of your decision, but she also knew the first thing she wanted me to do with that time was try to get my symptoms under control.”

When you take the time to ask your mother for help, she helps by allowing you to know she is there, she can help you. She is there, looking out for your well-being, but her hands are tied and her hands will never be able to save you. 

In your situation where you are dealing with a chronic health problem, you’ll be better able to see that you have to take charge and find ways to maintain your health rather than letting it be taken from you by stress and/or illness. 

As long as you don’t let yourself be overwhelmed and start “set the alarm clock” and “go to bed” like the other folks in the article (see above), you can do this even if you’ve never done it before. Your body will always get better and better at taking care of you on its own and you will get better at making sure it can.

I know I will, and I am already seeing the benefits!