What Happens If You Put A Band On Your Head?

Here’s how to find out. To find out whether wearing a band will affect your sex drive or your mood, you just wear the band without your hair. The result? You find out what happened.

This study was inspired by a reader question,   what happens when you put a band on your head that you don’t like? When your heart starts racing, your eyes begin to water, your shoulders sweat, and you just don’t care about your sex life anymore? The answer is that you can still have sex.   However, your mood will be impacted less. But don’t just take my word for it, read the studies and test yourself .

Does a band affect your sex drive? This article by “Sexual Behavior” in Sexual Medicine (2003 issue – ). “It has often been observed that women who wear earrings during sexual intercourse may experience less pleasure than women who wear earrings and no earrings.” “Anecdotally reported differences in the sexual function of married women between those with and without earrings have been shown in the literature.” (The authors did not mention any studies showing that wearing earrings caused any harm.)

“No specific literature is found describing effects of earrings on sexual desire in women with and without marital status differences,” “The frequency or duration of earrings worn by women with or without marital status differences was not examined.” “The effects of earrings on sexual desire in women with and without marital status differences, therefore, remains an unknown issue in the literature.” (Another author had earlier concluded  that  the band on your head  doesn’t affect your sex drive. )

This article in the New England Journal of Medicine ( 2003 issue – ). “It is well known that earrings cause discomfort and distraction during intercourse. However, studies have failed to indicate any difference in the frequency of intercourse for men and women when a earring is not worn. However, it is possible that earring use during intercourse may have a significant detrimental effect on erectile function. A new study conducted by the University of Chicago School of Medicine examined a group of men and women with no earrings or earrings with the aid of an infra-red camera. Researchers found the two groups responded differently to an infra-red stimulus on different sexual response variables such as orgasm, frequency, and pleasure. However, no significant differences in erections were seen among any of the variables measured.”

“In addition to the finding of two different sets of measures, there were also some important differences noted between the two experiments. For one, it was shown that men and women with earrings had a stronger erectile response to the infra-red stimulus than the control group of subjects. This could indicate, however, that some men are more sensitive to the presence of earrings or perhaps that some women, not wearing earrings were more sensitive to the effect of earrings,” (I’m thinking something along the lines of a sexual response variable is more sensitive to the presence of an object such as a band on your head, if that makes any sense.)

This article in Neurology (2003 issue – ). “One study has found that a significant increase in sexual performance in men with higher ear-to-ear pressure (a measure of ear-to-ear pressure) was identified. In another study, an association was found between the number of different earrings and subjective sexual desire, desire for a partner, and erectile function.