What Happens When Your Life Feels Like A Game Of Chess?

Let’s explore the inner workings of life itself and all the moving parts and interactions that make it all tick.

It’s a mind game and no matter how many moves you make in life it is almost impossible to be perfect and yet, it almost makes sense. No matter what you do, there is no final victory. At the end of the day everything you do in the face of uncertainty and adversity, your life’s journey will most likely end up with a similar result. Life just becomes another game of chess. No matter how hard you try to outwit your opponent, sooner or later they will catch you. You must be ready for each and every step forward in life.

To be sure, there is something more than you really know or understand about the universe. To learn more about this you must take up the study of philosophy. However, as a beginner I would strongly recommend just going through your way from the beginning for this simple reason. Even though I don’t understand any of the intricate details of this world and I still don’t know it completely, it is the most important knowledge you will need as a newbie to really take hold of.

There’s no need to think too much about the world around you, try to comprehend the world you live in and the lives that surround you as you live it. You will eventually find that it has not only given you meaning since the very start, your way of living the game of life has become your way of life, your foundation.

As you go through the life of a “game of chess”, it will become clear to you that it’s just a game. What is there to lose here. Life will most certainly not always be a “Game of Chess,” it will always be the “Game of Life.” If you get discouraged at one point along the path, don’t stop thinking, don’t stop trying to improve. Don’t stop trying to make yourself better at the game of life and if your progress starts to stall, just keep pushing forward because you will most likely get back at some point.

But if you fail, don’t lose hope. Every moment, every life event is a chance for you to find a better way, to learn and to grow. I can only promise that over the course of your life you will most definitely come across your share of failures, but it is just the very beginning. Don’t fear failure, embrace it.

In this world there is always something that can be improved on and the only way you learn new things is by failing them. Don’t be discouraged by your failures. Keep trying. If that doesn’t work, keep trying again until you succeed. If that doesn’t work, keep trying until you succeed. Don’t give in to despair. When you go through any hardship you will undoubtedly be faced with a setback, as this is just the nature of life. Just keep working hard.

At some point you will encounter some form of success and it may be a very big one. I guarantee that you will not be able to keep it to yourself. It will come right back to you one way or another and you will have many opportunities to celebrate this big thing. As I had not even started learning the philosophy of philosophy yet I was already finding joy in my daily life. If you’re happy everyday even after experiencing some setbacks or losses then you are already a good philosopher and you will be able to learn more and more as your life continues.

By now you should be really comfortable with the idea of the world around you, your place in it, the way you live it, your role in the game. You should be able to read or hear what others are saying without having to interpret it on your own. You will have to put aside a number of prejudices and you will certainly be faced with many new ones during your early years, just like everyone else.