What Have You Been Doing To Prepare You To Fight?

You’re preparing for some event in the future that may or may not ever materialize. You realize that you need to do something in preparation. You could take some seminars, or go to some class to learn some skills, or find a new hobby.

You might have something like this:

You can’t make anything happen.

It’s not about how many books you read or how much you study, rather it’s about the amount of effort you put into it each time you do it.

The more you practice it, the harder the work becomes.

The greater your commitment is to it, the greater the reward.

Do you have your book bag and your exercise mat?

That’s why you’re taking this class and that’s why you’re taking that class.

That’s not all you have to do.

You might need a book or book set.

Maybe you need some time to research or review your class.

Maybe you want to meet with a teacher and practice your new skills with them before you try them out at the tournament.

Those are all valid reasons to take classes, but you can also get the same benefits and satisfaction without any of them.

You need to do something.

Do something you want to be doing.

You need to focus only on your efforts and your commitment.

What Have You Been Doing To Prepare Yourself To Defeat Your Opponent?

Do you remember when you entered your match and realized you are not ready to challenge your opponent? When you realized you weren’t feeling your best and thought about how what you were doing wouldn’t do anything to change that? When you realized you might not be strong enough in your own right?

What were you doing that caused you to feel that way? What kind of training were you doing? What were you spending your time on?

You need to make changes if you want to put your confidence back on track.

The key is to make sure you are doing something that is going to make you stronger. You are only as good as the training you’re doing.

You are only as strong as your opponents.

You are only as good as your opponent if you believe you have the ability to make the opponent fail. If you want to win, you have to believe you can do it. You have to believe you can succeed.

Make no mistake, I’m not saying there is any need to beat your opponent and then think nothing of it. Instead, I’m saying there is a need to be disciplined, motivated, and consistent.

If you want to beat your opponent, you need to be prepared for them and they need to be prepared for you. There is a great difference between having your opponent play the way they want or not taking any steps to prepare themselves against you.

That is why you need to prepare yourself.

Why Do You Need to Prepare Yourself?

You need to be ready to face your opponent on an even playing field

This is a big one. 

The truth is every single fight on any level is a learning experience. 

I think we have this idea that anything you prepare for beforehand is already going to happen. 

You know you’ve prepared yourself.

You know you’ve prepared for this training.

You have your training log and your practice partner. 

You have the skills and equipment that you have worked hard for.

You are ready.  You are ready for anything.

This idea is only true if you know your opponent can match or exceed the effort you are prepared to put forth.

If they do not, you will see your efforts as fruitless. 

This means if you are only prepared to train for a specific outcome, you will not be prepared at all.

You should prepare as if you knew your opponent was the only one you need to beat.

You should be ready to throw just about everything they know, even if you don’t have them completely beat.