What I Learned From A Woman Who Made A Radical Change In Her Life

The first and most important step toward making a change in your life is a choice. To do anything is a choice. And to act, or to not act, is a choice. The first choice I made in my life was to not lie. And because I had made that choice (and in other words, because I had made a decision), life became easier and more fulfilling.

And I knew, if I acted on that understanding of life, then I would have more and easier choices.

That is the true secret to living a life of authenticity and meaning. And yes, it is all about choice…

My whole life was in a constant state of change. No matter what I was doing or where I was at in life, at some point during the day, my life would change because of some new situation that happened, or an incident that happened. My life was in constant flux. I had never had so many choices before, never really had a choice in my life. And this change was something that I had no control over. This life change happened in my own head and was entirely outside my control, and so I was completely and completely confused, I was scared, I was lonely and I was lost. Nothing about it made sense at all. Until one day my wife had been working and suddenly a terrible car accident happened to her. With her having gone through the terrible ordeal of being hospitalized, her condition rapidly deteriorated and she passed. And because none of us were ever able to take care of ourselves when we were injured, our life changed even more – and we knew then that we should get back to doing what we love and that this new situation would be a blessing – a gift – in itself.

The only things we had in common that mattered were our families and what we were going through. And so we decided to get back to what we loved doing – to get back to our families and to our own lives. And if our families loved us so much that they would even support us on our own in the same way that my wife had supported my life, then that was the only thing that would work. And so we started working. And we started being our own family – with each other and with our kids. We started taking care of each other – and we kept working together as a team.

And then one day my wife had an idea. 

She said, “Steve, why don’t you and I get together and do the things that you love to do – and make your own choice?”

And so she started doing the things that she wanted to do, and I became the one that I had always dreamed of being – the only thing that I did. And that is why my life changed completely and completely, I was there for everything that mattered in my life by myself. Because I chose to do what made me happy, and that is what is truly important. To love, and to be loved.

And you have to think of it that way – if you have nothing to change your life will always change. It’s like the car crash you had. You get in the car and just start heading the opposite direction than what you normally go and that is where in the wreck you get caught in a life changing situation, in another way to say.

If you don’t get caught in a life changing situation at least you know that a life changing thing is now in your hands, and it’s not in your hands because you were not meant to be in the car anyway, but if things got really bad enough it is going to end up in your hands. Your hands have to be open.

Now, you might say, but what can I do to change?

First, think of what the outcome is going to be of this situation. If you are the parent you have the right at that point in time to decide what you want your child to do, you have that choice, and how you want to do things with your child. If you don’t, then I don’t know what is going to happen to you. But, you don’t necessarily have the right or the right to make your children take care of things that you want them to do, if the thing is so horrible that nobody wants to be around it because it is in danger of becoming a burden or a hindrance to the life you are trying to create for them.

So, think of that, how the outcome is going to be if everything goes according to plan for you, and you plan the whole thing and everybody goes smoothly.