What I Learned From My Daughter About The Meaning Of Life And Death

One of my daughter’s final goals in life was to be immortal. She had spent years studying philosophy and the Bible and was working toward that goal.

As a young boy, he used to think all the time about when he was going to die and what his role in life was going to be. For him, the question was “What’s the point in being alive?” What’s special about being alive? What am I here for? What’s the use of being alive? How can I stay alive and do the things I want to do? Then, one day in his late 20s when he was working on getting a Ph.D. and doing his post grad work, he realized. A little too late. That thought that made him realize was “What’s the point in being alive?” What’s special about being alive? What am I here for? What’s the use of being alive? How can I stay alive and do the things I want to do? It turned out there was nothing special about being alive. It’s a lot like the question all the other dead people have said to me over the years. Just keep living.

So in the end, he died. It didn’t seem quite fair and just because he was still here making sure everybody in our church knew about their faith, keeping people on their schedule so people knew what they were doing that they were doing. It’s like he took his time dying for all those other people in God’s house. They were all going to be OK.

His final thought about this was it was good that he died. He wasn’t going to come back anymore and live forever. It really was not. He said that even though he was so far into this thing (the research and study of philosophy) that he was going to have to quit and really give up his dream, that it was good that he died, he would be able to see what he had missed.

And, for me, it was more like that this is it. If I leave this behind, maybe someday I’ll be back. If I don’t, then maybe I should just be content. I mean, is he kidding? I couldn’t give two shits if somebody asked me “Are you happy in your retirement? When did you last smile? When did you ever stop smiling?” Or they would ask me “What are you going to do with your retirement?”

And that’s sort of how it was for me. When I retired, I took the opportunity to make some changes. I got rid of the book of Mormon for a while. I got a new one of Jesus, and I went to the temple. All that stuff was done, and I didn’t want to go through it all again and give it another shot. That was why I got a job and started doing that kind of stuff.

I’ve made some new discoveries, though. I mean, this stuff is not new. It’s been around forever. I mean, we’ve heard that story, over and over, of “I was born again, but I don’t get to make the decisions.” How many times do you hear that? It is true. It is a big part of Mormonism.

They call that “finding yourself” or “finding your path.” That is a totally normal thing to do. Just think about what the best thing to do would be. If you were doing the one thing right here, the one thing on top and the one thing on bottom, and you suddenly saw that you were getting something wrong, you would look to see what was wrong, and of course you would go right back and see what you are doing wrong and fix it right away.

Just think about the fact that we’ve all had those moments in our lives where we saw what we were doing wrong and we went right back and changed it. We always thought that’s not an option. I mean, we’ve all done it. You might have heard of that one time that someone just went “All right, it’s not possible.”

But it happens every day. You can do it. That’s what it is. Everybody is different. Some people are born with a “natural” way to see something. They were born and raised exactly like you are.