What I Learned From The Best People About Losing Weight

They know something about living in this moment – and what to do with that knowledge – but we don’t always have that same wisdom.

The great thing about my book is that I get to explore the most important and difficult parts of my story and the best people I’ve consulted along the way – and that information is distilled into the book’s first section: The Best Things I Learned . This new chapter is entitled “Wisdom – What I Learned From The Best People About Losing Weight.”

Wisdom is something you can have: The author of this new chapter’s wisdom – he spent a lot of time and energy trying to lose weight, but he also spent a LOT of time on a diet, exercising, and meditation.

He learned his lessons: His diet was horrible. He never lost weight. His exercise regimen did NOT help with his weight gain. And he was in a lot of pain from taking his medication for chronic pain. This is Wisdom.

Hence, he decided that I knew enough. I do not know enough about how to maintain any weight loss. I do not know enough about the effects of taking weight loss medications. However, I do know the best way to lose weight so that you don’t need to take drugs, take a pill every day, or even stick to the standard American diet.

Therefore if you know all of this (and more), then you will get to enjoy this second half of the book.

One of the first chapters of the book is dedicated to me – the original blogger, for being a part of many great learning experiences while I lived in New Zealand. Now that I am in the US, I am excited to start sharing some of those lessons again.

I will talk about my new body – and how the first book changed it – and the second book is about me – changing my writing in ways that allow me to write this kind of book, or in ways that bring me into the world more actively.

I will talk about my friends  around the world – some of the best people I’ve ever met – and how they have helped me through my journey.

The New Zealand experience can also be used to explain the challenges that every single human will face in this life. How are you going to navigate the pitfalls and triumphs of this life with hope and joy. This is Wisdom.

Finally, I will talk about something that my friends in Singapore may have had to deal with: Getting Your Work Published. I will talk about my struggles with getting my book published – and how the first book helped me with that journey.

I will also have some things specific to the US and UK – where most of the bloggers are – that I’m glad to share.

The book will be released September 21 from Bloomsbury Press. (I’m actually pretty excited to bring my first book to the West Coast. It is such a beautiful, beautiful place.)

So, here is the book’s first section: 

1/ You Can Learn All About The Whole Earth, And Live In It Forever, And Not Get Fat. “I’ve learned that it is hard, and a LOT of hard things, to stop living in the now, and to start living and planning for the future.  It’s really hard. (Which leads me to… 2/ It’s Not Just About The Body, It’s About Life In The Now, Too.” “You may well know by now that I have a lot of trouble accepting that weight loss (or weight gain) is simply about the body. I was raised to believe, since I was young that the weight was a matter of choice. I believed that if I wanted to be the size I was, that was my business. I didn’t believe it could be anything other than my fault…  I didn’t believe that I could make any changes to the way I was.