What I Think About Before I Sleep

The most common advice for waking up isn’t always good. Here are a few tips I always put together before I lay down, and keep after my workout.

If you are an introvert or shy, you may not want to share your thoughts at work. If you want to talk to the boss, ask him to hold the meeting, or talk to your colleagues and friends that way. If you need support, go to a group, go to your counselor, ask a friend, or reach out to a therapist.

It is important to have an ideal place to write your ideas down: either a comfortable chair, a comfortable surface that you can place your hands on, a chair on the office floor, a computer, with papers nearby, but especially a place with light and white space, away from distractions. A place to write on in the dark is ideal.

In the shower, take a shower with deodorant on and a hair dryer to heat that deodorant. Take the shower with your towel on and turn the shower on very low. Use shampoo with a light scent, don’t put it on every day, but only if you don’t feel like showering for a couple of days.

Your thoughts come when you breathe, just like your breathing comes before you speak. If you try to work when you are stressed, your breathing will become slower. If your breathing slows, when you breathe, you are more sure of yourself and you have fewer inhibitions.

If you know your mind, do not think too much while you are awake. You know your mind, and its best to be calm and calm your thoughts.

Try to keep your schedule the same each day. You are a machine, a factory for your thoughts. Do not allow your mind to change. If you start thinking about work at six in the morning, at eight, at noon, or at six at night, you will fail. Think of the “mind map” you may try to remember your routines. Start the day in bed and then your mind will be like the clock on the wall.

Make a schedule in the mornings. Write down your priorities for that day. In the end, you should have a schedule to follow.

The best thing to do when you get home is turn the television off. Your brain can’t stand it too much longer, and even less when it has to work.

If you’ve learned this, the next time you wake up try to have a light shower with deodorant, a hair dryer in a warm room, and be calm. You will feel so much better.