What I Wish I’d Know About How You Live Your Best Life

Many people who do good things in their lives often don’t know how do all the things they do with such love and passion.

I recently read two articles on this website and discovered I don’t know anything about how you are being truly fulfilled in all aspects of your life. You have probably known for years that the most important things in life are love, respect, and peace of mind. But I didn’t even know what gratitude was until reading the posts from the first couple of weeks of this blog.

I think it’s high time I tell more people about the things I know about. I’ve found it helpful to share my stories with other people and write about them here. I can’t guarantee my writing ability has improved but I’ve found writing can be cathartic and a lot of good stories are easier to write than short words.

What I Wish I’d Known About How You Live your Best Life

I wish I realized the love and joy I had inside of me, that I was loving people and loving my husband more than anything else in the whole wide world. I wish I didn’t feel so guilty and guilty about what I felt and experienced in my life because I was doing my best and was having a good time doing a lot of good things.

I wish I didn’t feel so scared to talk about the things I feel or what I’m going through or trying to figure out what it all means or understand all the deep meanings and lessons it has in it.

I wish I did see all the good things that happen around me each day.

I wish I knew what it means when life gives you good things and then you give good things back again.

I wish I did more talking about what I was doing and how I felt, rather than what I was not doing or how I should feel.

I wish I knew what it is to love and honor God.

I wish I did not wish to stay a Christian.

I wish I did not wish to change my life by being a Christian. I wish I would have accepted that I am still a sinner and I am always to repent. I wish I would have prayed to Jesus when I needed him and I would have prayed for him every day, no matter what and I would have told others that God sent me to tell them what they were doing wrong. I would have told them it is time for a change and we need a new direction in life.

I wish I had not had to work so hard to try to get myself to be good.

I wish I did have more self esteem.

I wish I had more confidence in myself and in my spouse. 

I wish I had more inner peace.

I wish I would take time each morning before I went to bed to meditate on God’s love and acceptance of me for who I am and that he makes me whole and he forgives me.

I wish I would look at the bright side in life when I don’t have to dwell on the dark side.

I wish I wouldn’t dwell in the negative because when I do I don’t know what to do with it.

I wish I would realize that life is precious and I don’t have to live it with regret.

I wish sometimes I can hear God giving me the words to love people and love God more. _________________  When I say that my life is filled with good things it reminds me I want to live my life with more faith and more peace of mind. This is especially important to me because I have just gone through an experience that most people don’t. It was one of the most difficult thing that I have ever gone through. We lived with cancer and it was in our home. At the beginning it was scary but eventually I started to see some of the good God was giving me and the way he was letting me know He is the One who loves me just as I am.