What Is A Good Night’s Sleep?

If you have insomnia, this is a great guide for you. It will tell you exactly what your body needs and it will give you a good sleep fit for your age and health. What I like so much about this book is its simplicity. It’s easy to read. Its content isn’t too overwhelming or verbose and you don’t have to remember all these little details…that would be tough for you to bear. It’s just an incredibly helpful, concise summary of the most important health topic I know.

When I read a sleep book, I always like one that I can carry on my little tote bag, just in case I want to read it in my car while driving. It’s easy to find the book to go along with a particular book on the road. A Good Night’s Sleep: A Guide for Sleeping Well in the 21st Century is no exception. As I’ve learned to read books while driving, I’ve noticed many of them come with little extra bits of information for their travelers, most commonly the title. But a Good Night’s Sleep only has a cover page, giving you a quick way to tell who wrote it and when, and the contents. It also tells you how much it costs. Well, as you’ve read this, you know that books can be expensive and that, if I didn’t have the information, I probably couldn’t afford it. But a Good Night’s Sleep is the complete, simple summary of what you and your body need to sleep with optimal health. It gives you a simple, clear, concise overview of all you need to know about how to sleep well, right now in this moment. It’s an excellent book, and so easy to read that I just brought it on my phone for inspiration while reading. I was reminded of my own health as I was reading. It made me realize that I need to read this while driving (as I did many, many times on my road trips).

I’ve always enjoyed reading stories about people who make a small change to their daily habits and then see huge changes after a few months. The most helpful thing in a sleep book, however, is finding the right kind of book for you, based on its intended target audience. In this case, the book is aimed at people who already have a healthy lifestyle and want to figure out what they need to do to improve their sleep. You want to get out of bed and go to sleep. The person reading it is someone you trust and like and is comfortable with. He or she doesn’t have a medical condition, such as sleep apnea or insomnia, and doesn’t necessarily have the best health. It’s important to read this book to know how to make the change you’re planning into your life and what it takes to get the body’s sleep cues to work properly. A Good Night’s Sleep doesn’t really do much to help the sleep-deprived person. It gives a lot of detail and explanation of what you need to do, but it says nothing about how to actually accomplish that change. You’re left to sort through the information on your own. 

A Good Night’s Sleep: A Guide for Sleeping Well in the 21st Century , by Gary Small . At $12.88 on Amazon, this book is cheap, so don’t let this turn you off from reading it. (This review was initially published on December 20, 2017.)

This is the second of two books I’ve recently purchased. I’ve already read Gary Small’s The Good Night’s Sleep . I’ve enjoyed both books, and I’ve felt much more comfortable trying out different methods to get quality sleep in the days following each one. This book is even better. This is the book where Small makes a big leap from sleep research to discuss all the things you can do if you know what you’re doing. He describes all the changes you can make. There is also plenty of practical information in this book that will also help you to get a better night’s sleep, even if you don’t already sleep like a rock.

How to Get Better Sleep This book is packed with tips, recipes, and other practical information. It’s divided into many different sections to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. And what they are, we’ll come back to in a second. However, a few very helpful tidbits will stand out. There are lots of tips, recipes, and suggestions like these that will help you find ways to get more sleep: • Know if your sleeping position is helping or harming you. This is perhaps the most important tip of all.