What Is A Good Way To Celebrate Christmas?

If you’re doing it right, the holidays can be a truly amazing time, a time we can honor those whom we love and support others, and a rare time where we’re able to honor the gift of human ingenuity and creativity. If you just say, “Happy Holidays,” then that’s not the real way of celebrating.

We believe there is a great value in being involved in the communities in which we live. As a secular organization, we are committed to building bridges of connection between those who share our beliefs and values and those we want to help, and to providing the tools, resources, and knowledge to help those in need. This mission has been and continues to be our primary focus and we have chosen to highlight the holiday season as the best time to help our fellow Americans, whether they are facing a holiday problem at home or abroad. So, instead of having a big, party-centered and, frankly, wasteful event during the holiday season, we prefer to highlight some of the most important and meaningful things that happen around the holidays: birthdays and anniversaries, family gatherings, charity auctions, community projects, and more.

To do this, we put a focus on the people who are most often in need of help. This year, it’s children, women’s issues, and other charitable causes. We believe every child deserves to be loved and cared for, but we realize that not as many children get the chance to receive loving and nurturing care as their parents. To help our community’s most vulnerable children, we’ve partnered with Children’s Home Society and have launched an effort to save some of the country’s oldest children in the most remote parts of Appalachia—the largest campaign of its kind with more than $8 million raised from the general public, private foundations, foundations focused on children and women’s issues, and the Homegrown Campaign . 

Many of these children spend an extended period of time on the road during the holidays, and they can be incredibly lonely. With help and resources from Children’s Home Society , and with the generous support of a very kind local community, we can help these children celebrate the holiday season with love, support, and a sense of community.  

If you do a little research and research the charities you can be sure that you’ll find something relevant and meaningful to your family, your own needs, and your community. Our goal is not to use our resources with any agenda of our own—We try to avoid fundraising and promotional materials that can be construed as charity work. If you’re going to do a fundraiser or promotional event, try to reach out to the charities you will be helping at least a little to get more in-depth information on their work. I believe the best way to do this is to do a little research first, and to do as much of your research as possible while you’re giving and fundraising.

We have been in contact with the United Way and are aware of a number of great volunteer opportunities in our community. The Community Project League and Women and Children First have been a very positive part of our community life at UCMC over the years, as they have helped many of our neighbors. Our friends at Sesame Workshop have been very generous and considerate; when they put on their annual Christmas party, our kids do have to come.   We recently had an excellent opportunity to help with another charity auction that raised some money for kids in need; if you’re interested, please email [email protected] . We have also recently been in contact with an organization called Childhelp , a local charity that helps the homeless as well as the kids in their care.  

In many ways, it’s about making the holidays a time when we can all come together and support each other .