What Is A Healthy Relationship, According To You?

This free eBook walks you through the different types of relationships in the modern world, what you should look for when choosing one, and how to set a healthy goal for each relationship.

If you’re wondering what you should do, what you should look for and what you should have in mind, the answer is to find a balanced relationship. A healthy relationship is one in which there is no conflict or “he said/she said” between partners. An unhealthy relationship is one where there is no balance of power.

The goal is to have healthy feelings both between us and with the opposite.

“The key to a healthy relationship is for me to be comfortable in my sexuality, and for him to be comfortable in his sexuality. He’s got to be able to communicate to me how he feels so that I know what to do with what I get, and he doesn’t have to feel like he’s got to play this game, this game for me,”

For anyone in a monogamous relationship, this could feel like a major change. I mean, if the person that you were is only interested in having sex with you and will do not-so-pleasant things with the opposite, you may well be feeling like shit.

This does seem like a big step, especially if you are already in a good relationship or have at least a good sense of your partner’s sexual needs and desires. However, if you are thinking it is so much, just remember this. Being in a “good relationship” (or “just friends” or whatever) is not sufficient to satisfy your needs. This is true even if I don’t say this. I will say it anyway because I am so tired of hearing people who are poly use the “just friend” relationship as a reason.

I feel the phrase “just friends” is the most insidious form of poly. The assumption here is that everyone in such a relationship is just “friends,” and no one has boundaries. When I have a poly friend, I find they are completely uninterested in being with anyone else and always in need of sex. This makes me feel sad that they’re never happy and never have anything more than having a good time. There is something sick about the fact that they are comfortable with their sexuality and comfortable making everyone else uncomfortable.

On a different note, even if a relationship doesn’t sound like a good fit, it could still have great qualities and qualities that make it a great fit. I’m not saying it is impossible to have a perfectly healthy and happy relationship or relationship that is just good friends too. I’m just saying these qualities are not the same thing, and some of them (like communication) are definitely not the same thing, unless it is a relationship where the sex is great and every other aspect of the relationship is great as well.

That might be obvious, but a relationship, no matter how awesome, is one relationship in which the two people communicate all of their needs so well they are not bothered at all by anything outside of those needs. How do you communicate that? You don’t communicate it through your partner. You communicate it through your sexual needs. You communicate that by making your partner understand your sexual needs, and if there is some lack of communication, and communication isn’t going well, then some conflict may erupt. This is not something that happens in a “just friends” relationship. But many people can manage to do that, it’s just that many can’t manage that. That’s what you need to figure out.

If you want to know what are some of the best things about a healthy relationship, and what it is going to take to make it happen, read this .