What Is An Under-recruiting Position?

You’re out of a job, and you’re not sure what to do. What do you, as a person lacking experience of the game, do? You should give your best advice to that under-recruiting position.

I don’t blame people for not wanting to join the company, and neither do I mean for me to judge them. That is not the main point. If I were in that situation I would take my advice to heart, but I want to give another idea to help people like you understand what to do.  I have read some articles and videos and I decided to share this one to help you become more prepared for this unfortunate position.

Let’s say you still haven’t joined, but someone else has. He has an entry level manager job, but is too lazy to learn new stuff. It’s no wonder he doesn’t find any useful tips.

What do you do then? You ask him. You ask him in a calm tone or with a smile, “Hey, I want to be a developer, but I also want to be a manager. What do I do?”. Maybe he’ll tell you some of his secrets, but that’s not likely. So, just be calm! Say you want to be a developer, but also a manager, and don’t give your advice. Then wait for him to tell you the secrets. If you can be calm you should be able to give your advice. It depends, but if you’re confident, you can say, “Okay, thanks, I can accept that. When I was working in my company my colleague told me that when he was a junior manager he met a talented employee, but he didn’t want to train him and asked for him to stay. My reply was that I wanted to be a manager too, but I had no idea what to do in that role. When I started to learn from him, I discovered it was easier to learn a role from some of guys than it is from a guy. So I learned some important things. I started to try it and I am happy to be in my position.” What he will say? He’ll tell you some tips he learned, but it will be of no help to you. He’ll also think you don’t know anything and be disappointed.

He won’t thank you for your help. It makes you feel a lot more responsible for those people he wants to help because, you know, in the company he has some of the best managers, who can lead the company if you’re there. He’ll tell you, “You’re not the only one who is trying to learn. The first thing I do when I meet somebody new, is to ask them how I will do as a manager.”

You’ll probably think, why didn’t he tell you anything? I can just tell him, “I’ve been a manager before. It’s much better to learn it from a person with experience. It’s not much of a challenge to learn new things, no one can learn it better, and the things that are difficult to do aren’t worth it.”  

But you see what happens now.

You’ll say some more things, but this is more of a distraction, it’s the same problem that led to you not joining. You’ll start to think the same shit that the person said to you just a second ago. You won’t say some things right, but that’s ok. That’s why you’re trying to learn in the first place, just like he will. Once he’s confident you’ll probably have some things you agree on together, and after that the tips are much more useful.

But wait, is this the whole process? Maybe, maybe not.