What Is Happiness, Anyway?

A question often asked by a friend wondering. “I know what it means to be happy, but what does it mean to be happy?” According to a recent study, one reason people are not happier than before is that we, ourselves, aren’t. The joy you feel when you smile, laugh and love, that is nothing but the satisfaction of your own mind: what is truly good is what you see in the eyes of another and what you feel when you touch a different person’s feet.

For years, my son would say, “Everything you have is what you decide to give yourself.” And yet I would reply, “Yes, and what you decide to do with it is what matters.” And that seemed to be a pretty accurate description of his life, though, it was also a bit vague. So, I decided to do something to clarify. In a nutshell, I decided to write about the two parts of a happiness equation. My hope was to help people live happier lives, the happier the happier the life.

The first part is what I would call the “Happiness Equation” , I will start to write about it. I would start with a person who is experiencing some problem. They are unhappy because of one or two reasons. There is something they could have done better or did not do well, maybe there was something they should have bought or did not spend time on. They may already have an answer for everything. It is up to them. So we come back to “What Is Happiness?” and ask, “How can I get a little more happiness?”

I am sure you can come up with some ideas or solutions. You could make a list of things you could try or give some money and give it to friends. But I will suggest a more concrete solution which makes people happy. It sounds simple, but it takes a couple of years of practice: If you can identify a problem and identify its solution, you will be happy for a very long time. So let’s get the happiness equation part. Then I will tell you how to do it .

Let’s do it in the following easy steps:

How to Become Happy: Step One: Identify Problem. (Don’t worry you will learn how to solve the problem in the next steps.)

You probably have heard the saying “No one is perfect, if we can all become perfect then we would all be happy”. If you have read a lot on happiness and you were not yet aware, then you could have a serious misunderstanding of it. Let me tell you how the happiness equation was formulated. It was originally used by psychologists, to understand why people were unhappy or happy during their lives. They found out that humans, on average, are really happy in three periods of time: “the first period was when we were young… the second period was when we are happy because the things around us are good, and the third period is when the things around us are bad, and we want to feel better about our lives”. People who were happy during the young period or when things around them were good, would be happier when the time of their early death came. What happened was that the happiness level decreased and the happiness went down because their mental attitude became worse. People would not feel good even when nothing around them was bad. There may be one or two people who are still happy during this period but they are the exception rather than the rule. So at this point you know that humans have three levels of happiness, in which being good is okay, but that was too long to explain so I will save it for later.

We now need to solve the problem we just described. We can choose two of our existing problems: We can solve the problem with which we are unhappy (what can we do to become happier?) or we can solve the problem which makes us happy (what can we do to become happier?). It is up to you how to choose. This time is a good time for you to think about your problems, be honest and do your best. I suggest that you start with your happiness problems.