What Is It Like To Spend Time With Someone On The Path To Healing?

It can be the most rewarding friendship, especially for someone whose heart isn’t into getting along well with others. A healthy relationship doesn’t mean that you have to agree with each other all the time, but it means that you know when something is bothering you, and you can be there for each other in difficult times.

In my experience with people who are on the path, we always come to something that’s bigger than us. It’s the only way we know. It’s the only way we understand. When we get in touch with something deeper within ourselves (like the fear we carry and the anger that we can’t seem to let out) that can help us overcome our fears, it becomes very empowering.

There are things it can take some time and work on. If someone is stuck on getting rid of their negative thoughts or beliefs, it’s not something they should get frustrated about for a long time. Their actions speak volumes, and they’ll get to a point where they’ll eventually realize that they’re getting frustrated. 

That’s one of the greatest things! They might have to move through a lot to get to that point. But it’s not something to get frustrated in – they are in the process of changing what they consider they have.

I’ve seen many people, who are on the path, get discouraged as they learn more about the things they’ve been holding on to. I’ve known other people who are already on the path, who have been living with an extreme amount of emotional blockage. We’re often not able to accept that we have it, and we get frustrated because we can’t change a thing about ourselves.

But there is hope. There is hope that change will come, and that our feelings are not the core of who we are. And that there are other people out there more supportive than ourselves, and if those people can become friends with us, all of our pain, all of our fear, will melt away. We don’t have to wait for anyone else. And so long as we want to stay on the path, we can, we can do that. We shouldn’t wait for approval, or for someone to decide that we’re the right person based on what we believe, or what we can do or how we’re doing it. It’s about us, what we can do well, as we’re learning.

When you meet someone on the path, it can’t be something you’ve been looking forward to, either! You don’t have to talk about it – just show up – and be there for someone who’s not sure where they are. And keep in mind, the path can lead to your heart’s desire; it can be a very strong place, and one that is full of compassion and self-love.

If you’re curious to learn more, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! 

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