What Is It That Gives You The Edge? How To Achieve It And Stay That Way

What is it that enables you to continue to grow spiritually? I know the answers. I have already achieved a few of them. And I hope this article will help you, too. If you’re struggling with a sense of loss, or feeling like a child with autism who has never learned how to connect and express emotions, this article could be a great step in the right direction.

How can you improve the way you think, feel and act? It’s just simple advice, but it’s never been easier to make real change. There are so many programs and books out there, so I figured I would put together a few tips that I have learned over the past three decades. It is hard work, but I guarantee that it pays off… If you want to have a “good day” every day, here are a few simple, natural ways to do it.

These rules are based on everything I’ve learned. It is all natural and right from God. But it has come from some tough experience. Don’t worry, you can still be good and be happy regardless.

Let’s discuss

1.) Take things slow. We’re all trying to do it, so make something real that works. Make it as easy as possible, so the next time a negative thought comes up, you have something real that you can do.

2.) Do it every day.  The way these thoughts come, no one really wants them. They may be unpleasant, but don’t give in. Get up and take control of yourself.  If the thought comes before you have time to control yourself and your thoughts, then move on to the next thought. 

3.) Learn to say NO. Just because there are negative thoughts doesn’t mean that you have to be reactive to them, like a big baby.

4.) Do NOT dwell on your past struggles – they are not your past, and you have nothing to compare them with. You can learn from past experiences, but the best way to learn is with new experiences. 

5.) If you’re feeling alone – you already are.  Don’t put yourself on a pedestal.   Learn to do the things that make you feel good.

6.) Be a friend, a lover, and a role model.  You can achieve all these goals no matter if you’re physically healthy or not. Do that.

I had nothing

What is it that gives you the edges?

1.) Don’t compare yourself to other people – they’re not your peers. They have much more freedom than you do and are not all just alike. 

2.) Live life with joy.  Happiness is the most important choice we can make. We need to find the joy that we need without making any excuses. 

3.) Have a sense of peace . Happiness is only possible when you can’t remember how to be unhappy. Happiness can be the same in any situation.

4.) Do the best job that you can. And be prepared to move on. 

5.) Be honest with yourself. You can’t give up unless you give up. If you compare yourself to others, you will always fail, but if you focus on the best of yourself, that’s going to get you farther. 

6.) Do your best. Be honest with your best self — you will always be happier and more fulfilled as the person you become through your actions.