What Is Life’s True Meaning?

We often take words like “meaning,” “purpose,” and “purposeful activities” to mean what we want them to mean. However, when we really investigate these words and understand that they’re often used to describe the “feeling of meaning that they have” (as opposed to the actual thing in the room) that’s exactly what they become.

Words get used a lot to denote how people should feel or think and in doing so create beliefs about who else we are and what our “purpose” in this world is. And people feel like they only ever have the one true meaning for their life, the one right thing to do in every situation, the only kind of thinking that’ll get them where they need to be eventually…

This is the exact mindset that causes people to think that “the purpose of life is to have a purpose,” that they need to “try harder at anything,” and that it’s their duty to find a true purpose in life through life experience and education.

So in this article, let’s look at the real meaning of life.

Real Meaning: Being a Human Beings

It’s so incredibly easy for us to make the mistake of trying to identify something in the word “purpose” and assuming that it means the exact meaning that we want it to mean. It doesn’t.

Think of a car like a car. It’s a really awesome thing to have in your life, even though at a certain point, it’s pretty useless if your purpose in the world is to just drive around everywhere on foot.

In fact, the very same thing seems to happen to all of us and what we think we “know” about the word “purpose” becomes so limiting that it ends up meaning so much more than we ever intended!

A car could never function as a very important, life-long vehicle, except to get you from Point A to Point B.

Likewise, you could never define what exactly “purpose” actually is as a purpose in your life because, as I’ve said, we don’t see it that way: it’s so often an arbitrary feeling caused by outside circumstances.

The purpose of life, then, is being a human being, a human being that does your job well, a human being that does your best to contribute to the success of the people around you, a human being that knows how to enjoy the time you’re given and take advantage of what you have.

If I want to make a very general statement about “purpose” then this is exactly what I will be using and it doesn’t mean you have to do exactly what I say here, it just means you don’t think anything you do or feel is really important enough to justify doing anything else.

If you feel like your purpose to society is “have a purpose” then so be it. As it stands the majority of people living in North America have probably always viewed the word “purpose” this way for the whole of human history and it will always be this way.

But let’s look at a specific example:

Every day is a gift that’s full of opportunity. I can learn and improve on any skill I desire, and I can do this wherever I am.

If I don’t want to get a college education, I can still accomplish a lot in life if I put my mind into it and want to. In fact, I’ll probably do far more in life if I make the change early and strive to become a better person.

What About Traveling?

There are two things we have here that are obviously true, however we often ignore them.

The first is, yes, every life is different and so is what your “purpose” is, but even if it’s the same, you’ll end up on different continents and that makes it impossible to find any kind of meaning.