What Is Mindfulness? And Why It’s So Important

Meditation helps us stay in the present moment.

Mindfulness is one way to stay in the present. When we are fully present, we are able to be more present to our thoughts, emotions, sensations, and sensations. We are more able to stay present for the people in our life — because we are more present to them. We are connected to the people we love and live with, and this sense of connectedness means more positive feelings are produced.

The Benefits of Mindfulness 

The Benefits of Mindfulness are:

Mindfulness allows us to pay attention without thinking. When we’re in the present moment, we aren’t in control of our thoughts, and the thoughts in the background cause our mind to drift. Instead, we are able to live more in the moment. What we are doing now — living in the present moment — is far more valuable than how we behave in the past or how we react in the future. As such, we are able to be more in a state of mindfulness and more in control of our thoughts, rather than reacting. 

Mindfulness is important for many different reasons:

Being more present in the present moment means having a deeper connection to the people in our life. When our mind is in the present moment, more positive feelings are produced. When we have a feeling of connection to that person, that person will respond in kind, and this feedback loop reinforces our connection. A lot of times, people have a difficult time staying connected to their family members — but a lot of times when people are in a good mood they come across as being absent. When we are mindful, we are staying present while our minds are still running. The next time they are in a good mood, we are able to provide a similar experience for them; the feedback loops are reinforced and the connection continues. This keeps us connected to one another. Being present in the present moment is important in the way we lead our lives. When we are in the present moment, we have more choice in some aspects of our lives. If we’re worried about something, or worried about how we are going to feel tomorrow, we stay in a state of mindfulness. When we are mindful — we pay attention to how we feel, and pay attention to the feelings we are having at that point. If we don’t pay attention to how we feel, we are not noticing the feelings coming up. When we are mindful and mindful during this time, we stay more in charge of our thoughts. It is easy for us to keep thinking a lot of things — things we know are really negative. When we are mindful , we are able to stay focused on what’s going on right now. Our minds are clear and we can have more clear and focused thoughts. We can think about our day, our relationships, our career choices, our health, and the world as a whole. It has been proven that we are more productive when we are less distracted, and it makes us more engaged in the work that we are doing. Being present and mindful helps us stay in the present, and that is the key to staying in the present moment. When we stay in the present moment, there is less distraction (to include thoughts of the past and future), and that allows us to have an easy time of it. Mindfulness helps us live in the present moment, and so we can do more or be more successful. If we have an agenda to get work done, we can do more efficiently and effectively. Mindfulness allows us to enjoy life — to enjoy and enjoy the people, events, and places that we live in.