What Is Our Greatest Need?

Many of us spend our lives trying desperately to meet the demands on our time, money, energy and body. This can lead to a range of debilitating and unwanted conditions, such as obesity and heart disease.

People who try to keep a busy schedule often find they aren’t actually getting far enough in life to fulfill their dreams. To get the most out of your time and the most out of your life, let’s examine the major life goals, and what you can do to achieve them in a way that meets your needs, rather than your desires.

The purpose of an ambitious goals is to give our lives purpose, and to give us direction. To achieve something as ambitious as “making a million,” or as simple as doing your laundry, we need to understand what our highest level of satisfaction in life should be.

The following are common reasons for not meeting our goal, and the steps to improve.

Your time and effort is being wasted

To reach your ambitious goal, you must make time a priority. If you have to constantly schedule your time, it is impossible for you to have high quality, life-enriching experiences with your life.

Instead, schedule one or two hours each day for each of the four most important priorities, which each need to be pursued with great urgency. 

Your time is being wasted:

This is probably the first thing we will all do, often without even realizing it. If we are stuck procrastinating, or trying to manage our time, we are not doing our highest level of satisfaction for our life. That is our duty as a life goal seeker, and we must change.

Make it a priority:  Schedule at least one hours of time each day for each of these priorities.  

Your money and self-control is being used up:

Our self-discipline is a life goal, and it takes time to develop. If you can’t muster the self-discipline necessary to put aside a single day to make a million dollars within the span of a week, you should never be making a million dollars.

Instead, prioritize money to an important priority on your list. You should not need to work yourself into financial ruin to achieve your lifelong goal. Instead, build a nest egg that will support your family, for decades, without needing to use money to survive or save up for retirement.  Instead, use money to enhance your life for your children, or to purchase a home or investment, or simply for fun or to pass on to your children.  Whatever it is, it is an absolute necessity to grow your budget so that it will support you and your descendants for decades, and it should not involve work. 

The less you can manage your money and self-control, the less you will be able to achieve your life goals, for the rest of your life. 

Your health and well-being is being degraded:

There is nothing inherently wrong about making money or having fun. However, if you use fun to mask your desperation to achieve your life goals, it will quickly lead you to burnout, misery, and a loss of self-control.

Instead, use your money and your body to serve and enhance the highest level of pleasure within your life: your life. It is important that your life is built for others, and that you give as much of yourselves as you can to those closest to you (such as your children and spouse). We must not use our bodies as a way to escape the problems of the world; we must use it to solve them, rather than allow them to poison our bodies and weaken our souls.