What Is The Meaning Of Life?

You and your soul mate. That’s it.

Why do we need to find an answer to the question ‘What is it with humans?” There are plenty of good reasons to get up and do things. 

Intro(5): There is nothing better than being healthy and finding fulfillment in yourself, but finding meaning in life is not a given. It is an adventure. Our society tends to value ‘happy’ more than fulfilling yourself. 

Intro(5): Life has a purpose. It is to survive. It is to find meaning. We are here to have fun and play. That’s it. We’re trying to find purpose in our lives and we are doing the best we can, not by ourselves; and not by our family, even if we love them; and not by family, even if we believe in them. We are here to survive.

The Meaning Of Life

The Meaning Of Life –

A man who is satisfied in the moment is living in the now. The Meaning of Life –

A man who is content is living in the present. A man who is content in the moment is living in the present. The Meaning Of Life –

A man who is content, satisfied, in, and with the present, is living in the moment.

What Is it with humans?

The Meaning Of Life –

Why are we here on earth? To make a living. We do not know everything, but we know we are here to make a living. We are here to survive. We do not know anything. We just know we have been born.

Intro(6): We are here. We are alive. We are human. We share the same origins, but we do not have the same destiny. Our fate is up to us, and there is no one to blame but ourselves. How did we come to be here? What was our purpose? Did we stumble upon a magic elixir? No. We were born to live, to survive. We are not here simply to survive, to have fun, or to do things. We should be here not to survive, not to have fun, but to live. Why is this the human condition, and why must we struggle to maintain it?

Intro(6): We all live on Earth. Many things are connected with space travel. What is the purpose for these things? 

The Meaning Of Life –

Why are humans on Earth? Because there are things to learn. To experiment. To explore. There are things we should know and things we should explore. There are many mysteries around us that we are not yet ready to acknowledge. So we create a purpose for ourselves in the present. We create a purpose for the future. This, and not the future, is the purpose of human existence.

Intro(6): We are here to survive and have fun. We enjoy this world. There is no such thing as ‘real’ pleasure. We are here to survive and have fun. How does this help us survive? This is a mystery that will, in due time, solve itself. There are several people on Earth who believe in miracles. These people do not know about what they believe in because they have not lived.

The Meaning Of Life –

Humanity came from the sky, evolved, and began building the world it was to inhabit when it disappeared into the fog. They did it all so that we might find a purpose in this world that would make us happy. We all do this and we do it all with each other. But why do humans always find meaning in so different things? Why do they always find happiness in the most mundane or trivial things in life? Why does anything matter? Why do our lives make such a mess? Why is this so frustrating?

The Meaning Of Life –

Humans can create meaning. Humans can take the things they love and turn them into a purpose and a meaning. Human beings can find a purpose in their life. This is what makes it different from other organisms.