What Is The Meaning Of Life?

A little-known piece of wisdom for some time, one that was passed down orally in the ancient world until recently.

One of my students, a young African-American woman I have seen at her church three times, recently asked me the following question:  “Why does God send me to this house at this time? I’ve never heard the answer.”

“What makes you think God knows anything at all about my life?” I was baffled.

She then asked, “What is your life about?” and, for a few moments, I was speechless as I waited for the response.

Eventually, I said, “I don’t know. But I do know this:  My life is, right now, to love people and to see that people love each other. That’s good enough for me.”

Then, for the third time that day, she turned to the cross, her forehead creases rippling, and a quiet, profound prayer emerged.

I’ll never forget watching it — the silence of the church, the tears on her face, the look in her eyes as she prayed, and then, in that moment, as I stood transfixed in that sanctuary, what came to me:  My life is to love people and to see that people love each other. That’s good enough for me. That’s exactly what my life is about. My life is to love people, and to see that people love one another. That’s good enough for me. It is the answer I was looking for, the answer I needed.

The moment I saw that, I realized the real purpose of life is not to get out of the way and live to please God. That’s the true purpose of life, and it is not to “do my duty.” Those words from the cross are the real answer, and the real meaning of life.  It is no secret. It is not difficult to find. And if you do want to find it,  just read the book, ” The Gospel of Jesus Christ ” by the apostle Paul. It’s a simple book that anyone can read. And if you don’t, I have two words for you:  Go read it.

Go. Get it. Read it.

And when you do, then you will realize that God has called you to do a lot more than just “do my duty” while it’s easy.

You have an assignment that is beyond your control.   It is a calling from God.

He has called you to change the world, to heal people, to guide the lost, to do good everywhere.

He has called you to show the world that He’s here.

He has called you to take a personal responsibility for your life.

You have a responsibility to find your own answers to the world’s problems.

You have a responsibility to look down on everything around you.

You have a responsibility to lead them by the power of your word — of your Gospel.  

I hope every one of you takes this lesson to heart.  

Take responsibility.

If you’re feeling lonely, think it’s because you don’t know how to ask God for help!

If you’re feeling lost, remember that you have someone right here, just waiting for you to join!

Go make your world a better place.  

You can do it today.  

“But, Dad, what if I don’t really want to do that?”

“That’s OK.  But just do it.  Do it now.   If you really don’t want to make a difference, stay in bed, and I’ll make one for you.”

As Christians, we need to ask, “What if I really wanted to do something for everybody?” God’s Word tells us that’s how we should go.  God has created everyone in the image of God.  So we were created to make a difference with each of us.  So why not do it today?  Please consider what you can do just within your own life right now!  This is a great opportunity that Christ has called us to make a difference in our world.  Let us pray that our world will grow in ways that will inspire us to continue doing this for others.  Let’s go make a difference.

You could start by giving your family this list:   My children are my heart.