What Is The Most Important Health Indicator?

Being in good shape is not everything. There are more important markers such as your mental state. Do you ever feel as though the stress in your life is so great that your mental health is being destroyed? If you feel so stressed at your job or at work you may be suffering at work or in your marriage. If you spend so much time looking back and reflecting how poorly you have done lately, why not celebrate your accomplishments right away?  This can take the mental strain off of your marriage and your family.  A daily exercise routine like this can keep your motivation for life.  It can also give you your family back.

If stressors such as work or other life pressures interfere with your mental health, then it is advisable of a good diet, regular exercise and a good daily meditation routine to keep you sane. It all must be balanced so that you are not so overwhelmed with stress that your mental health is seriously compromised. And if life’s stresses do not interfere, then there is no need to stress out. If you find yourself feeling stressed when going to work, or while thinking about work or your projects then take a walk. Take a walk in the evening. Take a walk with friends. Even do some simple meditation. The more you can bring your mind and body to peace and rest then the better chance you will have of returning to the normal state of being, which is something that comes naturally to many of us, and which no amount of worrying or stress can destroy.

What does this mean for you? Your first priority should be the quality of your relationships, and keeping a positive head about yourself. Next you should try your best to relax, and learn new things that are healthy or at least interesting. If nothing else, go for an enjoyable walk during a hot summer day. When you are doing something stimulating, like exercising, then try and make it as pleasurable as possible. If you have a mental illness where you are depressed, you should seek support and see a psychiatrist or therapist.

What does this mean for us? If life’s stresses do not interfere, you should try your best to relax and enjoy life. Meditation is one simple way to achieve this; but you can just as easily go for an enjoyable walk when you are feeling stressed. If your family is stressed, try and find ways in which they can relax together, take time with each other and have fun together.

How to meditate

You can find many ways in which to meditate. Some people meditate alone or with others. There are also some special exercises that may work well for you. Here are a few of them:

1) Sit in a comfortable chair or bench, with one hand on the pillow or your belly and one on your chest to support your chest. (This can be an important part of your overall health.) 2) Close your eyes.   When you find your mind wandering, stop it. Keep doing this for a few minutes, and see what happens.

3) You may notice sensations of space filling up. This happens when you are really focused on things, like you are trying to be clear-headed or focused about something. 4) If you are just feeling distracted by too much to-do, go up to the ceiling and clear your mind.   The top of the pillow provides a nice place to look up into the sky. 5) You can just try to relax into the experience of meditation.  

Another form of practice in which we can meditate is called TM. Once you have developed a mindfulness practice, it’s a good idea to get a guide to help make it easier for you:

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to our surroundings without judgement. We can do this by using the five senses like sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. When we focus on a particular aspect of our surroundings, we can experience whatever it is as clearly as we can.   To find that quality of mind, however, we must practice more than just being alert. First, by putting ourselves in the present, then we can bring our awareness to whatever we perceive. This doesn’t mean we have to become totally absorbed or to suffer through things like boredom or feeling guilty — just notice. Then, as we become a little more aware (the more awareness, the greater that sensation becomes) we can move into deeper meditation. In this form of meditation, we focus on our conscious thoughts and feelings, and allow our awareness to spread from there in any direction.  

For those who want to meditate, we can use some of the methods on the meditation page to help us.