What Is The Perfect Weight For You?

For me, “the perfect weight” is no longer about how the scale reads or what I might look like in the mirror.

I feel that the ideal weight is a point where weight is determined at an optimum physical state and not at a precise moment in time. This state is not achieved by the same measure everyone takes, including the scale, the mirror, or a body fat percentage. Although this is a difficult thing to achieve, it is often an attainable goal.

To achieve this state takes commitment from the individual. The individual must work hard at it for years and come to a place of realization and understanding that he or she can be happy with the current weight.

The ideal weight for me is somewhere between 125 and 150 pounds, but I am always willing to lose and gain. With this in mind, I will start at my current weight, 125 pounds.  I am very flexible on my weight, so it really depends on how I feel each day. If it is lighter than my previous weigh in, then I will just keep gaining weight. If it is heavier than my previous weigh in, I will work hard at dropping a few pounds and getting more lean.

I will also be losing an equal amount of muscle and losing weight from the rest of my body, including fat to be able to maintain this new weight.

The Ideal Weight

My ideal weight is somewhere in the lower 150 pound weight range.

I have been trying to lose a few pounds for the last two months, and it is a struggle. I was able to do this on a diet consisting of only three meals.

I will continue to follow the diet for about two weeks. I can continue to drop weight. When I am a little hungry, I’ll eat a second breakfast.

My goal is to drop to 125 pounds by December, but I’m willing to try and keep going if I do a better job keeping my body fat below 10% at all times.

You Will Not Lose As Much As You Think

My goal is to lose 15-20 pounds by the beginning of January. That would be a perfect 15 pound loss, but I want to do 10 pounds. The more muscle I lose, the harder the diet will be and the more muscle I will be burning.

If I could keep the weight going, I don’t mind carrying an extra 15 pounds. I will still have the exact same muscle and strength.

Why Are My Body Fat Numbers So High?

Let’s look at the numbers together. For simplicity, I will split my body fat percentages into two categories:

My Body Fat %, and Body Fat Percentage.

I have gained 25 lbs in 12 weeks and currently at an average body fat percentage of 19.5%. 

I have gained 8 lbs in the last 6 weeks and I have a fat percentage of 14%. 

The first number is higher than what I wanted – so what do I do?

I am a woman, and I was hoping to gain even more weight than what I have gained. My boyfriend knows I don’t like to diet (I am actually his size).

So let’s say I am able to gain 15 pounds and to carry 20 lbs in the other direction. Here is what my actual weight will be after 2 pounds of additional weight loss:

So this is my goal of 15 pounds in 12 weeks. 

At this weight, I can comfortably lift 175 pounds. I have gained 10 pounds in the last 6 weeks and can carry 175 more.

So my body fat count will now look like this:

But let’s look at the bigger picture again.