What Is The Purpose Of Your Life?

You make good decisions, but you make more decisions than we are willing to say, and these are often bad ones. There is a long and complicated story behind how we got to what we are today. We are in it for the journey. I am not afraid of the journey because a greater purpose drives us, not the destination. You don’t really know why you are here and what will happen after you die.

I’m sure that if I asked you to draw an outline of how you want to live your life on a piece of paper, you’d write something like this. I want to do whatever I can to make this world a better life. I want to give my friends a reason to stay in touch, to keep in touch. I want to be helpful, be caring, and make a difference. I want to help the people I care about. I want to know more about my beliefs and what I believe. I want to make the world a better place.

All of those points are probably quite valid. They are, however, pretty vague goals. We know more, but we still don’t know what it is we actually want to do. All of this can be accomplished, but to become a hero and take up the mantle of leadership. We need to make this world a better life.

This is the beginning

This is the beginning of our journey. This is a time of transition, for the world is a different place. We need to figure it out. And we need to make it our goal to get the things we want. That’s why it is our goal to be able to say, “I did this, and I got this”, instead of feeling like we didn’t accomplish enough. All that needs to be accomplished is for us to have some degree of clarity on our goals. As long as we have some level of clarity on our goals, we are on the right path.

Let your goals be different from the rest. They have to be. The rest don’t matter. We need a new vision to lead this journey.

When we look at goals, we often see many similarities to other things we could accomplish in the future. “My goal is to be the mayor of my city and raise the most money in my area through charitable efforts”. That’s actually a very generic goal. We all know what our goal is; we just don’t really know how we will get there. This is because we aren’t living with the purpose. We have some goals. They are valid, but we are not living with a purpose. We are just focusing outward.

When your goals are your life, they are yours to control and build. By choosing “my goal is…”, you are defining your life, your choices, your goals. You decide your own goals. Once those things are defined, your heart and mind will become aware of what you really want to do. Now you don’t need to look at others and try to compare your dreams with those goals – you are the only one to judge them. Every person and every situation and every emotion is important, so choose the ones that matter the most to you, and build towards them.

So here is my personal mission statement for my life, and a little bit of a story.

I love learning, and I do so much of it right now.  It’s one of the most amazing challenges I’ve had to face, and has been really challenging because I have this huge blind spot of wanting to know everything. I really don’t like being in a place where I know nothing, but at the same time, I don’t want to be in a place where I know I know everything. That is how I’ve been. I know everything and yet I don’t really want to know everything. It’s hard; I need to learn, but I’ve also felt like no one is really learning. At least I don’t know why. It’s easy to come up with ideas, but when it comes to learning something about something, to actually do it, and not just say “hmmm I think about that” — that’s where I struggle.