What Is The Role Of Fear In Living A Healthy Life?

Fear of death is a powerful motivator to live a full life. But while it does have a place in this life, it becomes a monster within one’s psyche when it is forced to act against our deepest desires. For this reason, the fear of death should be replaced by reverence towards it, for if you are truly free, then fear will no longer dominate your life and you can finally live your best life.

We are all born free. But it must be said that the fear of death is not only dangerous as an individual, it is a disease. Although it affects almost everyone, it is even worst for younger people, for they face a fear of mortality more intense than other people who have not yet faced that fear. So here we have people living in fear of the future, and this creates a dangerous spiral, because the closer we come to death, the more likely we think we are living a life free and enjoyable.

Here we have people living in fear of their own mortality, and this causes them to be dissatisfied with their current life style, which only produces a spiral of unhappiness into their future lives.

You are not going to be in the right place to live your life to fullest if you are not happy. The best example of this phenomenon is the situation where, as an individual, you refuse to accept that you may die at any moment. In this situation, you have nothing to strive for or to achieve. In this state of mind nothing is of value. And this is where misery begins…

The problem lies in that it is impossible for the mind to truly embrace death. Although there are many philosophical arguments to support this, the bottom line is our desire to die is a part of our conscious, although our subconscious desires are not. They are, in fact, what prevent us from experiencing the ultimate joy that is death. If it were not for that subconscious desire, we would already be dead as we know it, because the only way for any living thing to die is to completely stop existing. In this life, when we experience a moment of nothingness, we lose our life energy completely. This is why the mind cannot acknowledge death: for it is impossible for the mind to know that which cannot be known.

The only way you can see death is by letting it live in your mind as it actually is: the moment of nothingness in which your life energy is completely extinguished. If you are still living a comfortable life, you are probably not able to live this moment of nothingness. When you lose your conscious experience, you lose your life energy. If everything in your life is based on your mind, losing your consciousness would mean losing everything. This is not something you can accept. So you must be open to the knowledge of your own loss and to accept that this experience is what it is: the moment of death. In this way you will be able to live an enjoyable life and be happy, because you can let go of your illusions and see the truth of life.

The thing to understand is that when you allow yourself to see that your existence is insignificant, and that you are in fact nothing, life will become much simpler. You will be able to experience this experience without feeling fear. Therefore it is important to have this experience in your mind, especially in the moments upon death. The moment of nothingness is important, because it is the moment when you lose your consciousness and lose that which gives you energy.

In all human societies a certain attitude towards death has existed, but it is only now that this attitude has become a part of our culture. We have become a society, that lives solely based on death. We will not be here after death. In that moment when life disappears, you, personally and spiritually, will have no purpose or happiness in life. And this is exactly what death is. Just because you are not afraid of having your heart broken, of getting lost in the dark, or of not being loved by anyone, does not mean you will be happy after death, because your very nature is incompatible with a long and happy life.