What Is The Secret To A Successful Marriage? How To Use The Four F’s

A man that lives in a successful marriage would be the one that is a great provider, a great communicator, that has a strong moral compass, and a good friend to help him be able to overcome any difficulties that may arise in his relationship with the partner of his choice.

To a man that lives in a successful marriage, the four qualities the wife must have in order to live the life of a great wife- The first quality is the perfect balance of sex, motherhood, and a healthy relationship. The second is that woman will want to be in the presence of a husband who is caring, loving, and respectful of his partner. The third quality is a husband will be able to provide the security, and the fourth quality is the ultimate goal. I suggest that a woman make it her highest priority if her husband can provide these four qualities. The marriage can grow at any time if these four qualities are in place, and if you want your wife to have a fulfilling life, make them your top priorities.

A man’s marriage will have a stronger connection if he has a strong moral compass or, as I call it, a “Moral Compass” which has a very simple meaning. It is a compass that represents his moral values, a compass that can be seen through the eyes of his wife.  When the wife and the man have a strong moral compass and are able to relate to each other, the marriage will have a stronger connection and a better chance to be healthy.

As far as the sexual relationship, I often think about this when I am working out as a personal trainer. Some guys are able to train with no sexual tension and are able to really build confidence and strength in the gym. Some guys have a lot of tension, a lot of sexual tension, and need to build their confidence on the mat. If we were to look at the relationship between a man and a woman, then what that means is to have a man that is comfortable. They are comfortable with the woman being the one who is the leader and the one who always puts out the strongest. He is comfortable with giving her a sex that they actually enjoy as opposed to just wanting it and not wanting to put in the work to have it. You need to be comfortable around your man or at least you need to be able to relate to your husband. For most women, this means being relaxed with them and always having a big smile on your face. As I explained before, you don’t want your wife to be a girl that you look at and say “she’s great, but she can’t lead me. She’s kind of a pain in the ass to be around.”

So what we are going to look at in this article are the ways that I see a man using a good wife that is a great communicator and a “Moral Compass.” To help you, I will first talk about the “Moral Compass”.  then I will talk about “The First Quality” that is the right balance of sex, motherhood and a healthy relationship.  and finally I will give you the final advice on how to use these four qualities to have a healthy life and marriage.

“The Moral Compass”

Just as people have personalities that they develop, they also have emotional backgrounds that they develop from one generation to another. When you talk about the traits of a person, there are traits that we have as a man that also will be passed on to his children. This might be an ability to stand against a powerful figure in a family in order to protect them.   We also have the traits that many women who know us well will mention that we have in common, as well as traits that we don’t always share, yet we tend to develop as a young man, like a strong moral compass. 

In any relationship, a person will have a tendency to develop certain traits over the years.  When a young man is growing up with a mom or a dad, what he will pick up the most is being a good person, a good father, and doing what they ask of him. This way, he will feel good about himself.