What Is The Truth? Why Do We Need To Know?

The truth is that there is no universal truth. What’s worse than that is that in an environment characterized by the pursuit of knowledge, everyone’s truth is challenged, whether by other people, ourselves or even reality itself. In this day and age, the pursuit of knowledge is so important that it becomes easier to lose sight of it.

A long time ago I heard a wonderful, old-fashioned saying: “Truth is a bitch.” It’s an attitude that has never completely sunk in and, unfortunately, has now become an epidemic. In today’s day and age, it seems to be a more and more accepted way of thinking. This is an attitude that breeds distrust because people believe that it is in fact easy to find “the truth” (a matter of whether or not something is true or not). So why bother striving for it? The truth is, it really isn’t something that can be found quickly and easily. But it is something much more profound. And it is something worthy of being lived.

The truth is that we have to learn to let go of the idea that truth and facts are something that can be found at the expense of having it be something that we need to fight for. The only way to learn to accept the truth is to live it instead of pretending to fight for it. It’s a matter of embracing the way it is instead of what it looks like. And it’s a matter of never having the fear of the unknown.

When we have such a strong conviction in what we believe, we are never able to accept new and sometimes contradictory evidence. That is precisely why it is so important to embrace the truth.

At first we may not be able to accept a bit of new information, but the more we learn and the more we take the time to digest such information, the more our beliefs will weaken. Even more than this, when our convictions weaken, our confidence in them also grows.

This process is quite natural in human beings, and it is in fact why the world has evolved to be the way it is. Until that moment when we’ve accepted what the world has to offer and we’ve begun to love who we are, we will never be able to make decisions and make things happen that we want to see happen.

When we have the confidence in the truth of what we know, and that confidence can be tested by reality itself, then we have the ability to take an active role in the way the world works. One of the main ways that we do this is by being able to think, and then be able to express our thoughts and opinions in words as opposed to just saying them out loud.

When we’ve learned how to make arguments in our head, we’ve learned to be able to hold forth, and we can express our thoughts and opinions in words. One of the main reasons we are good at doing this is because we’ve developed a natural ability to think in a rational manner, which is one of the main components that makes us human. If we haven’t done this, then we will be unable to make decisions, understand information, and express ourselves vocally.

When we make decisions (and our decisions are based in facts), then instead of telling someone we disagree with, we must say how we really feel about what both of us agree on. We then listen to them, try to understand, and then ultimately decide what is the best course of action.

You are not required to think in a certain way, and you are not required to believe in what you believe. This is in fact the most important lesson.

If not, then you will never have a true understanding of the truth, and you will never become effective. When you are effective with your thinking, it is because you’ve found and believed in what you believed in. To do that, you must have the knowledge on what to believe in. This is not something that you can just have if you want to get this job, but it is a very important ability to posses if you want to make decisions.