What Is Your Best Body?

If we truly are in our best shape — the very best we can be — then you’ll no longer believe your “bad” habits. You’ll no longer believe “you should be skinny.” You’ll no longer believe you need more. You’ll be able to make real progress in your life.

What happens when we believe our worst, and our best, in the same body? There is a huge difference. Believe that you are fat — and you’ll probably be fat… until someone helps you realize that actually it’s you (or someone else) who is fat. Believe that you are thin — and you’ll probably end up thin… for longer… and for thinner people. Believe your worst about yourself, and you might not get up for an hour… or not get out of bed… or not care if you die… or not work hard at your goals… or live a life of pleasure… or not understand the importance of love… or not find your true place in life.

How will you remember them, and how will you be remembered? Will you remember a woman who had a bad year… and her body died on the table because she didn’t recognize herself? If so, you’ll never be allowed to be fat again. Believe you were thin — and that fat people are people who are thin — and you won’t be thin.

So how do we do that? A few things!

One, we must find our own way to a different way. We must make the choice to choose.

Two, we must look at ourselves and others. We must see the beautiful in the ugly. We must see ourselves as beautiful… as worthy and worthy of love… as worthy of respect… as worthy of life!

Three, we must start by making a list of who is thin/not-thin… and we must make a list of what’s holding us back… and the things that should be done to let everyone — men and women — be loved and respected — we must make a list… and be a member of them.

Four, we must choose — and we must choose NOW!

And finally, we must stand up for our selves. There are people who may hate fat people — that doesn’t mean you’re ugly, or terrible, or bad. (We’re all bad). There probably are people who are going to hate you — that doesn’t mean you’re useless, or bad. There probably may be people who don’t like your body, or don’t respect it, or don’t think you should have a choice in what you wear — that does not mean that you ARE useless, and you should just give up… and give up now… and give up now!

And if a bad person tells you, “Fat? You’re so bad, you’re gonna die, you’re so fat… that’s why you’ll die…” then that says more about him/her than you know, doesn’t it? Because even if they are telling you truth, if they didn’t know or care, why would you take that to heart? If you’re going to die from your fat body that day, then don’t be sad, or frightened, or sick that the fat body is dying.