What Is Your Ideal Body Shape?

My ideal physique is about 6 ft tall with broad shoulders, large, soft hips (just like I have), and an athletic build for a long, long time. I believe the ideal body shape is balanced.

My ideal physique is about 6 ft tall with broad shoulders, large, soft hips (just like I have), and an athletic build for a long, long time. I believe the ideal body shape is balanced, and the more you focus attention on this, you’ll get the best results. You can always develop the best features by adding width because this is where you get more room to expand later on. For example, I want a broad chest, so I can carry a lot of groceries, work on projects, etc and still eat healthy and not feel like a big man. And, since I use a lot of exercises to do so, I never feel like someone made me that way. And I want a strong core, so I can swing a bat and not feel uncomfortable. I don’t like bulky, round-shaped bodies. I only want lean, muscular, toned bodies because I’m sure that gives better shape, more definition, and makes us better-balanced individuals. It helps to see more than just a body. I can’t really see well until I am able to see around my eyes, but, when I can, you can see my whole body when I am able to see my shoulders and my body without using my hands and feet.

How long is your ideal physique?

My ideal physique could last for decades and be more than I can take on at once. As I have mentioned, I think you can achieve good shape in 8 to 10 months, that is, if your diet is simple and consistent. I try to stay on target but have the option for fast track if need be.

If your answer is ‘I don’t care about my ideal physique’ or is ‘if I was to take time off right now to get better results’, then go ahead. If you believe that if you take time off right now to ‘get better results’, then your results will be faster and more consistent, then you’re setting yourself up for a short-term failure. I think you need to be constantly pushing yourself. If you make it a habit to not be satisfied when that happens, and you have the patience to do it, then you’ll find that if you take your time, you won’t get results, but you’ll enjoy being better than you were.

What Are The Key Points To Your Ideal Body Shape?

My ideal physique needs to allow me to:

Possess the ability to carry around a significant amount of weight on a regular basis. There’s no point in having a big chest if I can’t use it to carry heavy things such as groceries, and it becomes a struggle to walk.

Handle and perform the majority of the physical activities I normally take part in.

Incorporate exercises as part of my routine, with high levels of intensity, for the purposes of conditioning and achieving the physical appearance I desire.

Be able to walk or run efficiently and easily.

Incorporate activities such as boxing, power lifting, and other strength-producing, strength-building, or power-producing weight training to improve my overall balance, strength, stamina, and power.

Be able to perform a reasonable range of body weight exercises.

Be able to climb a vertical object and easily maintain balance without falling over. Being a big guy can be dangerous, and therefore I will need to develop good balance and strength.

Be able to swim and stay afloat on the top of a pool, without using any other equipment. You would not be able to do this if you were underdeveloped because no one would be capable of doing that.

How Do You Keep A Tight Muscular Figure?

I don’t really like ‘fat’ bodies as my ideal physique. I want muscular, toned bodies that support me when I’m on the move. I also don’t really have a preference of body shape, so long as my physique is not too big or too small that I can’t function effectively.

I use exercises to develop my body. And I use food as part of my routine. I eat simple food that I can digest and carry around, plus I’m a heavy user/over user of water, and that’s something I can carry around.

My ‘fitness diet’ consists of simple foods I can eat while walking or running. I try to avoid fast food.

When does your ideal physique need to be?

I don’t like this question.