What Is Your Spiritual Life? When Should You Do It?

With each passing year I become more and more convinced that we are not alone in this world. When I am living without a purpose or direction within work or relationships in life, I often feel like I’m a bit less of a human being. I do, however, feel like my purpose (and the purpose I’ve worked towards creating and striving for in my life) is more and more hidden.

Every human being has a spiritual life to live. There are different forms of spirituality: belief in God, religion, spirituality of a spiritual nature, mysticism, or any of the myriad forms of spiritual beliefs that exist. It all depends on your individual choice. I think what’s important is that you start to live the life that is true to who you are or should be. When I talk about authenticity and authenticity and a personal purpose in life, I’m not referring to pretending to have a purpose like a politician or celebrity. I’m talking about living a life in which the person that I’d like to become and am currently living does. I believe that we’re born knowing all of this and it’s no small thing to go through a life and learn as you grow. I say all of this so that people understand that to live a life is not to be phony, but that it’s a meaningful journey and that we are all spiritual beings. People always assume I write all of this down and that’s not it at all — I think they would like to think that. They want it to just come to them and it doesn’t — it doesn’t happen this way.

I don’t know about you, but when I read about those “spiritual leaders” in the world, I want to have them walk around me. Not everyone may be able to or maybe you don’t wish to, but I think if more people are doing it, then it will continue to grow and change.

Why We Must Do It

My friends and I like to debate a lot of different things. My favorite one is about our relationship (if any) with God. This will probably get back to religion very quickly and it’s not a topic I want to spend too much time (or money) on. At the end of the day, I just love debating, so having people on my side gives me a sense of power and makes me feel good about myself as a person. It may just be me, but that was the biggest reason why I wanted to create this book. The second is what I see as one of the greatest misconceptions about spirituality is that we have to “believe before we can act.” I disagree entirely. Why believe if you can do something else that does work? There are many things, spiritual and physical, that have helped me (and many people) live a meaningful life (and not just in the moment — like before I’m done talking, I will probably go and watch someone else in this same boat accomplish something wonderful.)

When I was young and learning to dance, all I really knew about dancing was “oh yeah, it’s just a bunch of people standing around and moving their feet and it’s kind of boring.” At that point in my life, I couldn’t really appreciate what it really means to be dancing. What I did know was that it’s pretty fun.  I just knew it was a lot of people getting their feet wet, that I wouldn’t feel bad for being there, but not being able to learn anything or have any influence. That’s why when I was younger I was into playing sports, which was the same at the time. I didn’t have the money to do a lot more than that, so I just wanted to be out there and see what it was like. We all go through that. We don’t have money to go play sports or travel or go to the next weekend, so it’s just something we do to get some exercise. We know it’s nothing very profound (the stuff of a kid’s life really).

I’ve come to this point in my life where I really enjoy what I do and I have very personal goals in life. I have a personal purpose in life that is to help other people, but also my own desires. I want to be the best husband, and the most successful. I want to help people. When I say “people”, I’m not only talking about my own family — which I do — or even just people I’ve met through my career (I’ve met very few of those). I want to help people by living.

The main thing that I believe separates a truly good life from a great life from a bad life is the ability to have the desire for it, the belief that you can make it possible, and the passion to do it.