What It Takes To Create A Lifetime Of Loyal Customers

The best products and services tend to be ones that retain the loyalty and loyalty alone. You can’t have one without the other.

A business that is run like it’s a business or any business that’s run like it’s a business is doomed to failure. You have to create loyalty, and loyalty is hard to achieve. Loyalty is not something you can buy – it’s something you earn. It’s something you work for. Loyalty is something you earn each and every day. To see a customer with a smile on her cheek is a great place to start. Customers who have a good attitude toward buying, will have a great attitude toward shopping with you.

This is the ultimate goal of building a business – Loyalty.

As for how to do this, let me share with you a few tips.

1. Never take free gifts .

This is a pretty common one that a lot of people overlook on a regular basis. A business will not earn loyalty and trust if it has a bad reputation of either abusing or stealing its own money.

If you’re giving yourself some free stuff that you don’t really need, there’s a good chance that it’s actually going to get stolen by someone else.

2. Never offer free products .

It sucks if a customer takes something that they have really wanted and then you end up leaving a bad review because the customer didn’t get what they were interested in.

It’s like giving your customers free stuff, except if they take it, it ends up in the wastebasket somewhere.

A good business will offer a great deal or quality and let the customer decide if they want to pay for it or not.

3. Don’t build a business out of a negative experience.

If they take something of value and it leaves your business broken and ruined, there’s a good chance that the customer won’t come back to use your business in the future.

The best business that I’ve ever seen were the ones that were built out of a negative experience.

4. Don’t hire a marketing agency to drive your business .

I’m not suggesting you take money from a marketing agency – I’m saying don’t do it.

A business needs to stay on top of its own vision and vision is based on trust. A great brand is built upon trust, not money.

5. Use positive language .

It’s funny what you can do with words. I’m not suggesting that you should start making up negative words – it’s all about knowing what words work and what words don’t.

In fact as I explained above, you shouldn’t be using negativity or negative words at all.

If this happens and it’s the first time a customer ever encounters your business then that customer will instantly become a positive one.

6. Be friendly and positive.

A friendly and positive person is the best friend any business can have. A great sales person is an even greater friend.

A friendly and positive person is the best friend any business can have. A great sales person is an even greater friend. A professional person that genuinely cares about their customers is the best friend any business could have.

7. Don’t run a small business, it sucks and no one wants you.

If you’re running a small business, chances are someone will have done a similar business before you. People have this way of picking up on these things quickly.

There are many examples of small businesses making huge bucks and then going out of business because they can’t sustain it, this is why I encourage all small business owners to make a business plan .

8. Build out your website and marketing channels early .

I believe that a business that has an awesome website and marketing channels in place will attract a customer right from day one.