What It Took Me 17 Years To Learn From My First Love

Once in love, my first love didn’t want to share his or her inner life with me. But then I realized that my soulmate and her partner were actually making an effort to live the life that they desired. Their actions proved to me that love never dies — and it won’t disappear so long as we choose to love each other just as our lives require. ¬†Our inner self will always find ways to serve it.

Having to hide your heart from others is not healthy. What I mean is that for many of us, “love” is a love affair — a lifelong love. We have to remember that once lost it is like falling in love again with some other, not so familiar lover. I believe these “first loves” are our best hope for finding our souls mates.

I still remember a story of that of a young man who was rejected by his first love. He eventually became so frustrated that he decided to commit suicide. His first love was not there to support him in his journey. If their first loved were gone, I believe that the person who we love will come with someone who accepts and understands our inner struggle. I believe that we must work to understand ourselves in order to know what others are going through. Being comfortable being who the world rejects will only be used as a crutch to further self-destruction.

I love you. Your inner life must show your outward emotions, because that is all that we are truly capable of seeing. It is very important that we are fully conscious that we do not have a perfect picture of our soulmate. And that’s a hard truth to swallow — there is no perfect picture of it to be found. We must accept that all we know about our soulmates is what we have been shown to believe by others. We can always choose to seek information to better our understanding, but we can never force anyone to do or believe anything.

I wish you never to lose hope. I can only offer you some ideas for learning how to help you find your soulmates in this lifetime.

First, accept that all of your relationships are temporary, and none of them are permanent. There is nothing wrong with getting to know your souls mate, but there is no need to rush into anything right out of the gate.

As you come across your soul mate, be completely accepting and compassionate. We must realize that sometimes there is no one else in the world for us. We must be able to accept this fact with confidence, because there is nothing we cannot do to show our partner the love we desire them to know in each of their lives.

If you truly love your partner, and they truly care for and accept you as a person, chances are high enough that they will understand why you feel the way you do about them in your hearts. It is very simple. When you truly love someone, you will do anything to bring them happiness, so that they can experience that. Your heart is always willing to accept this.

Accept that we cannot control all the events in our life, but our choices will help us improve with every relationship. For many of us, the world seems to throw us curve balls. These events, even those that seem bad, have a purpose. Even if we take the curve ball and throw it right back into the ocean without changing our course, we still receive something in return that has helped us grow.

If your partner does not care to give you something or make an effort to make things better, then you can choose to get a different soulmate rather than being sad and silent or putting pressure on them.

Finally, keep fighting. When you choose to put your energy into finding your soul mate, you will find the one that will be the best fit for you and your feelings. You must be fully present, loving, and accepting in this moment — this is the best chance you have in living the full life of your soul mate.