What I’ve Learned About Stress From Working In Advertising

In my early years of life, I was so stressed out and angry I thought of suicide. But when I started to understand the effect of life stressors, I found I was “cured,” much to the relief of my mind, heart and soul. My mantra is “Stress, don’t rule.”

As a therapist I have counseled lots of clients over the years who were not able to quit their jobs because of stress and who were unable to accept that they weren’t able to control these issues within themselves. I also counsel a client who is also a therapist. While we are discussing our clients stress, I’m really thinking about how the stress makes it almost impossible for us to connect with our clients or to have meaningful conversations. As my thoughts were being hijacked by this person, I realized we both had the same problem, however, I’ve been working on it alone for a long time. I also recently realized that the more time we spend sitting together, the more it’s impossible for us to connect. This is where working in advertising plays such a big role in changing our lives. A little bit of stress can be the best medicine.

The other day , a client of mine who just received her Ph.D. was very stressed out. She had been applying to jobs for many years and had applied to dozens, but was rejected because of no interviews or a poor personality test. However, she didn’t feel she was a good fit in this environment. We went over how to solve this problem and this is how I came up with this post:

I feel very fortunate to be a successful, successful entrepreneur. I used to work two jobs (a professional one and one in the day) and my life was extremely stressful and filled with drama. I even had two suicides in my life. I’ve worked on improving myself and my life and I’ve been able to quit my jobs.

I feel completely blessed and grateful for these wonderful opportunities I had and feel like I can say that it wasn’t worth the stress. I’m still working my way up from a small business to a business of my own!

Here’s Why I’m Using this Post:

I want to create awareness about the fact that the stress of being an aspiring entrepreneur can affect your work even when it’s not your fault. I want to help people realize that working in an environment with a lot of stress can be good for your career so you can quit your jobs in order to focus on your own personal development and start a business. I want to encourage my clients to use “work stressors” as an example of what we can each change about ourselves in order to be more successful. I want to get people thinking about how stressful their work lives really are and start looking for ways to overcome these challenges.

Here is what I’ve learned from working in the media:

I realized it’s possible to go from living with a lot of stress to being a creative success.

It takes time to build confidence.

You will have setbacks and people will hate you. This is OK.

I’ve learned that it’s best to work out our problems while we’re young. It’s easy to throw your hands up in the air and say that if things don’t turn around quickly we’ll never be able to change anything about our lives. We will never be happy. That’s not true. It’s the hardest thing about being a creative person, is getting through our tough days and doing our best work to put forth the best possible effort. I’d also like to mention that it can be very important for us to work out our own personal problems first. We all go through these tough days as well and if it bothers us as much as it did for me, we should not allow ourselves to be controlled by them or other people. It’s impossible to know if these things we’re not happy with are our negative thoughts about ourselves or our problems. There might be something else at play such as we’ll just have to get our selves together. Our biggest problem might be how we react to others negatively. This is true whether or not we’re happy with ourselves.

So how do you become a “real artist?”

It’s just a lot of hard learning.  

You’ve got to practice.

You’ve got to build relationships.