What Makes A Country Strong?

What is what makes a country strong? It’s not just strong economic policies and stable government. I think the strength of a nation is what it values, and its ideals. I think that’s the key to it.

I have always liked the idea put forth in the old saying that ‘a country’s identity is in the way they see the world’, (like the way that I want to see the world). That makes me want to write this list, because I still see that concept today. As a matter of fact, I do have a bit of a ‘slight’ weakness for it. But this is no weakness at all.

Let me know what you guys think, and if you have any suggestions.

First off, we have no need for an ‘idea’, really. We are an idea factory, not a creation factory. We will create ideas as long as we have ideas that are interesting to people, and we have ideas that are entertaining. This is the reason why I don’t like the term ‘idea factory’. Ideas aren’t all that important. As long as the people can come out of it with ‘funny ideas’, it is more than fulfilled. And people do like, ‘idea factories’ sometimes.

If you want to come up with ideas, write those down. It’s always great to have new stuff to work with. You can always use them as inspiration in the future, you know!

Also, if we are a ‘creation’ factory, then I also wonder if we can create an idea that is not only something for us, but is also great for mankind in general. Like, how about a country that is friendly but not to the point that they’re hostile towards the rest of the world?

The most important part of it all, really, is the people. It’s easy to write an idea if you have all the knowledge and power. What’s hard to do is to create a whole country full of them. That is where ideas really come from. So, get some ideas, and come up with a whole bunch of them over the past couple of years!

It’s a very simple method; start out with the idea itself, and then come up with new ideas. You see, people have different ideas of what they want. You do. We, too, have different ideas of what makes us strong, and we need people to help us come up with those ideas.

I think one thing is certain; as long as we keep coming up with new ideas, and keep creating something ‘different’, our country will make sure that they will never lose that ‘different’. It will always be ‘new’, and will always hold a unique feeling to every single one of them. That is what makes us strong.

Next time, more on what ‘we’re’ going to talk about.