What Makes A Good Husband?

You don’t even have to be married to have a good marriage in the U.S. Now that we have the Internet, there’s not even a need to get married in Canada. The old-fashioned way is still the best.

If you’re looking for a spouse who appreciates you without being so obvious about it, a good husband would be someone who: 1) can be direct with you; 2) respects your thoughts; 3) doesn’t let his ego overpower you; 4) wants to please, not embarrass you; and 5) takes you on a journey together where you are learning about life together and seeing how much you have in common. I think that’s pretty simple.

This is a list of my favourites, though I admit that I’m a hypocrite. The ones on these lists are simply what makes a good husband to me. This doesn’t mean I’ll only choose on my criteria. I might look for something slightly different when I’m in a relationship. This is only based on my tastes. If I had to choose, however, it would be the list with the best attributes of your typical man:

1. Humility

This is obvious, but I don’t think a lot of husbands get it. I mean, I get the whole having fun thing, but if you’re not humbled then you’re not a guy I want to marry. Be the kind of man who is humble when he can, but if that would be impossible, be the kind of man who is humble when he can’t. This is something that makes a good husband.

2. Creativity

There’s nothing better than being in a relationship where there is mutual enjoyment of music, movies, books and video games. A couple does better as a couple when they have something in common. A good husband would never allow his partner to enjoy things that he doesn’t enjoy. If I could only pick one character to hang out with in real life, it would be this guy. He’s an out of this world character. A man who doesn’t know what’s best for himself, for his wife, for himself or his family is a miserable person to be around. As a husband, you have to be strong in your beliefs too. If you’re an entrepreneur, be prepared for the wife and the kids. You have to believe in yourself and in your wife. Believe in the relationship too, and give it your all.

3. Loyalty

A good husband stands by his family. A man who doesn’t is a selfish bastard. A good husband will sacrifice for the wife and kids, no matter what she says. Don’t let a man tell you that you have to do something for his family; trust him that he has your best interests at heart. If you’re a man of your word, a good husband will be there to watch over you and the family, no matter what the consequences are. I have been blessed with a couple of fantastic husbands who are really into making their family come first. They’ve done everything to ensure that they’ve given me an incredibly happy marriage. I don’t think I would be as lucky as them if I’d taken those things on myself.