What Makes An Effective Health Coach?

It’s simple: it’s one who has been there. It<>s what you can teach. It<>s the people who listen. It<>s a genuine desire to give back. It<>s someone who can lead a team of like-minded persons down the path to healthy living.

What makes a good health coach? Do you have the desire to help people become healthier? You’ll find yourself doing something you haven’t done in years. You see, if you are an active healthy mind and body coach, you have a very specific responsibility. You are the life-mate of the individuals whose well-being you are attempting to enhance. It is, in fact, your responsibility to bring these people from their present state into a place of better health. You are their best friend, their coach, their advocate, and their inspiration. To do this, you must, at minimum, have a level of skill in nutrition and exercise. This type of person will always feel as though he or she is part of the journey and is there to guide each one as they embark on this difficult road, which will be a long one.

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How do I find a good health coach now?

Good question! If you have no experience in health or fitness, you might be better off avoiding it altogether and choosing a professional who can guide you. Instead, look for someone who has a degree. The first step is finding out if they have one. You may be surprised at how many people have no background in health or fitness whatsoever. If you do find someone with a degree, there are also many professionals who do not have degrees. In that case, you will definitely need their permission to work with them. For those who do have a degree, it is extremely important that they are knowledgeable in nutrition and exercise. Many people who have no background in either of these activities can be just like beginners. They will need to be guided on how to properly exercise, and what kinds of foods to eat.

If these folks are not up for the adventure, just go on like you would with any other client or client-recipient. Do not try to convince them to come to you. You’ve got their attention and they already know you, right? I get a lot of questions about how do I find the right coach for my clients. I usually give them the exact same answer. Just because someone else has a particular set of skills that will help you with a particular client doesn’t mean you should try to replicate them. This is because those skills are different for every individual. So it’s best that you follow some key criteria: have they, or do they, have a degree? Did they work as a health coach before? This might be a big indicator of their abilities. Are they competent in the area of nutrition and exercise? Ask to ask them how they learned to do what they do. Have they read anything about the subject and why they know about it? Are they experienced in the subject? Ask them if they have any questions or concerns about the topic, if they think they know everything about the topics and if they have any ideas about how people can become healthier. This will help you find out if they understand the challenges that they are about to face. As you might expect, it’s better to ask this type of questions to a health coach who has a degree, a real background in health and how to help people achieve a better life. This is your safety net if you’ve done a bit of work to improve fitness and nutrition, but don’t have the required qualification(s). You may find yourself trying to convince these doctors and nurses that you know everything they think you do! For most individuals, this kind of coaching will be a welcome change, and you will end up learning to do things in the process that you couldn’t have otherwise predicted when you started off.

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