What Makes You Happy?

People say that everything is the best thing that ever happened to them. It’s nice to know that the feeling’s all in my head and does not necessarily have to be true. So here’s a simple way to be happier.

What makes you happy? When you feel like you can give it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly. But you also know that happiness can be found anywhere.

The first thing to know is, happiness isn’t only a feeling. Some people experience that feeling, that feeling of being great, but still being so-so. I have seen a variety of people experience this: not knowing what’s “right” in the moment and just deciding that everything that’s going on in their lives is really great. It’s a good thing to know, but I have found, for me, that the best way to experience that feeling of being great is through living life every day, learning by doing, and being willing to accept things as they are.

For me, the feeling of my life as great – this is what I think is my goal. I love my life, but it’s going to take time and work to get there – it’s a process. There’s also a process of acceptance. I get along with people – but that really comes from acceptance and a deep, honest understanding, not because people want me to be someone I am not.

What makes you happy? What is the essence of happiness?

Happiness is found in three places: in our actions; in our thoughts; and in our relationships with ourselves and others.

1) What’s your action or behavior?

When we choose to live and be conscious of our actions, that includes how we think and interact with others. If you take the time to think about how others think about you, what do you think they think? Be specific. How about if someone asks you what your thoughts are about them – what thoughts come into your head? What about if you were asked to answer, “I don’t love you.” How would that person feel if you were asked that question?

When we make the same choice, we can affect our actions in different ways. For instance, if a friend asks, “What do you think of your life?”, how would you respond? What are your thoughts? Are they different from the thoughts of your friend?

2) What are your thoughts?

How are you feeling about your life? What are you learning about yourself and your situation? If you were asked what you want to do the rest of the day – what would you do?

3) What are your relationships with other people?

When we can truly ask, “What do you want, do you want me to do this, to make you feel better, to help you, to protect you, or to give you joy,” we can make better choices about who we allow in our life. If you know your purpose, you will not let a bad relationship get in the way of your happiness, and instead it will be more of an opportunity to grow and learn along with your partner.

If you know your purpose, you will not let a bad relationship get in the way of your happiness, and instead it will be more of an opportunity to grow and learn along with your partner

How to build your happiness is a process – there are many pieces, and many more parts, to it each day. We all have a lot to learn. I’ve been looking back on what my family is doing with their lives, and thinking about where they are at, and where I’m at. We both know we can learn from our mistakes. In fact, we’ll likely learn more from our mistakes than we ever will from what we expect from ourselves.

Here’s the key – it’s all about letting go, accepting, not judging. So it’s time to try going out and living. See how that changes your lives for you?

This one’s for all you aspiring people out there who know it’s never too late: get out there and live. Even if you have no one to go with you, or even if your whole life is just going to be an empty shell of a place and life, just go out there and be part of the world.

Don’t let everyone else’s expectations or beliefs get in the way. Let go of any shame and confusion, and just live. There’s a reason your grandparents are calling you a failure, that’s because they’ve had to learn to live on their own all those years, not because you’re not worthy.