What My Little Son Taught Me About Pregnancy

I had so much hope for this baby, but he showed me how much better I could be, and how much joy there is in having him and making him healthy.

Having children was always a dream, even before I had children. I even wrote an elaborate dream about it, complete with an elaborate plot… It’s just, I never thought it would come true before the actual birth of my son. But I’m glad I made that dream. I never want to go through life alone again. It’s so funny, I don’t even have words to describe how much that matters to me. — Anna K.

We knew that this was going to be the birth of our child when we found out our date and the hospital we would be going to, so I wasn’t really nervous. I think I was more nervous around him (and I think he was the same way). I was nervous about the fact that he’d be so big for his age and that would require so much attention, since I’ve never been able to really give much when we are around him.

As we arrived we saw our midwife in the lobby (my mother was with her in the delivery room and had to see it through to the end) and I saw the very cute, young pregnant nurse at the hospital.

As we came into the delivery room, our midwife greeted me and said that the nurse was going to be taking care of the newborn, since there were no other kids here. She walked over to me and my mother and took our baby, and we stayed in a holding cell for about 15 minutes after. There were a few nurses and a doctor in the room, and most of them were women. The male doctors were in the NICU, which is where we were going to put the baby, so they were busy when we arrived. As I sat and watched a woman give birth to our son, we started talking about our life and what our future holds. During the delivery I didn’t realize how much I was in shock and how much it would take me time to process all of it. During this time, my husband took care of my son and we were both so calm and serene and just relaxed at that moment, because none of the stress was coming at us from our own lives. — Kaitlyn S.

One of my favorite moments about the birth was that my son was born at 6:06 pm, on a Sunday. Not only that, but my husband and I were able to go shopping in Shops before and after the birth to get all our baby supplies on hand, so we arrived in time for our son’s first bath.

I wanted to share my experience with my own experiences of pregnancy and birth because I think it can give insight to others. We are all different. We all have different family situations and different jobs to keep us busy. I also think it is good to know all of that before you go into labor. Having said that, I would never have found this story (about how difficult the first few days were) without the internet. When you have a child you can’t possibly be distracted by all of the craziness that comes with being pregnant or even after, but it is nice to know what to expect when you do or do not have a child. — Laura P.

My son was born at 4:30 on a Saturday, and I did not plan on having a c-section. We moved when he was two days old, so our son was born at home rather than in the hospital. I was having a very intense labor — labor pain that lasted for 7 hours straight. I had been to the ER twice on earlier contractions and seen a doctor. I had spent the day on my back on the couch, eating food and watching TV.