What Should I Do About My Low Self-esteem?

When your self-esteem sinks, it’s time to take the first step toward improving it. And we can’t go wrong with a motivational self-help book.

This is a question that all of your patients can relate to, and most are trying to keep things from falling apart.

Here are a few points:

If you are not feeling good when you talk to yourself, your self-esteem is being held above all else.

When you feel down and depressed, you may not be able to think clearly. But when you are motivated, you feel like you can do great things, and when you’re motivated, you can think about what to do. 

It’s all about changing what you think.

If you are feeling hopeless, you have never had to rely on help, in the past, and probably nothing will ever make you feel better.

If you are stressed, then you can’t focus, and you’re more likely to let your problems drag you down.

If you are afraid of getting fat or the consequences if you ever do, take a look in the mirror. That is just as bad a sign as anyone might have been doing. 

If you are afraid to do a task because you don’t know anyone that can do it right, use a personal trainer. 

If you are so afraid of trying, you will find it almost impossible to accomplish anything.

If you’re scared you’ll feel bad if you fail, do whatever’s the toughest thing in your life.

You might be surprised how much fear can actually hinder you. You never know where fear can take you, especially if you’re dealing with it on a daily basis.

When you feel like you’ve done something and you feel so proud of yourself that you can’t help it, you’re doing something wrong. 

This is something you’ll see a counselor for when you get a diagnosis.

The best way to help yourself when you’re feeling down is to find something to do. It’s almost impossible for a person to feel like they have good health and a good life when they only have a few goals. The same is true of your self-confidence, so if you know you need to focus on something, don’t let fear stop you.  

This section of your book will show you some simple ways to do just that.

This has been a list of five of the best motivational self-help books that I have read, and I hope to have read more.

Now that you’ve read this list, if you still think that “self-help” is not the right thing for you, I’ve got a few tips I would add. 

1. Make sure you can’t quit.

If you’re in an unproductive working environment or career, or you are constantly struggling to make ends meet, you will fail. It’s simple math. When you’re afraid of quitting, you don’t think you can handle failure enough. If you haven’t failed before, how will you ever learn?  

It also helps to quit when there is a reasonable opportunity to stop, so your anxiety does not get in the way. For example, it’s okay to quit an unhealthy relationship and move on, once it’s no longer threatening to your health and safety and your livelihood. If you quit for a legitimate personal reason, you’re not going to get stuck with an unhealthy partner, and you certainly won’t be depressed and suicidal if you do.  

One of the best ways to quit before you get a mental illness is taking a few days off every month, or as often as you need.

2. Know your self-esteem issues before you diagnose it. 

It’s important to know what you are experiencing. The first step to diagnosis is to know the cause(s) of your low self-esteem. If you have a parent or friend that isn’t loving, or if you were teased or bullied or humiliated at school, or if you feel rejected by a lover, for example, all of these factors are signs of low self-esteem. 

You need to know what happened to you and what you can do to change it. To find out what, just pick up the book.

3. Be careful what you ask your doctor for.  

Many women are hesitant to talk about mental disorders, and they think that their doctor will be embarrassed by them. I’m not afraid of admitting my disorder. I know myself and I know how I feel. If you’re looking for any reason not to, I would suggest not trying to diagnose me, and finding out what is really going on.