What Should I Learn To Love Before Marriage?

The answer is simple: “Love what is good, and avoid what is bad.” However, we rarely talk as much about what should we love before marriage as we do about what we ought to hate about life beforehand. What makes it so difficult to love what is good versus what is bad? It’s because we’re too often confused about what love truly is and, worse, how we should love it.

As a married couple, I am surrounded by people who are loving and affectionate, and we also live in a culture that has taught us over and over again to love what we’re given rather than what we create. But what happens when this loving and affectionate people also feel “boring” and “uninteresting?” They become frustrated by themselves and by the people around them. We need to be careful and not let ourselves be manipulated by our own egos – or at the very least, we need to take extra time to get to know these people’s personalities before getting down to business. When these people “get to work” we’re going to be disappointed in their results.

The following list of 7 types of people who don’t love is based on what I see on a day to day basis. Some people just don’t like me, some people hate me, some people do this and some people do that. All of this has been a work in progress.

7 Types Of People Who Do Not Love

The people on this list do not love because they are unlovable; they do not love because they are stupid; they do not love because they lack any of the qualities I listed on the previous page. No. These people do love one another because they love the relationship with its end point that is defined as “more than enough” and because the quality of life they lead together makes them happier than the average person in the world. 

As I often say, the first and most important step in the relationship is communication. We have to be able to communicate effectively so we can learn from each other and grow together. The people on this list understand this, and they do not avoid communicating because of our incompatibilities. Instead, these people feel that their ability to communicate is necessary so they can see that we will listen and that they will be understood, regardless of which other personality types I listed above they identify as.

The most important thing when you can be at peace with yourself is realizing that you are at peace with yourself. When you feel truly and absolutely at peace with yourself you realize that the past you cannot relate to the future you can. If you can say to God, “I am at peace with myself. I made mistakes but I am who I am and in spite of them I am where I am today and no one can take that from me.” You’ve just become a good person. 

When you’re at peace with yourself you want to be happy. When you’re happy you want to make it easier for others to be happy as well. So, in a sense, I’d like to remind you that happiness is a habit and a lifestyle, and we’re just starting out in a relationship that will be a lifelong journey. 

7 Types Of People Who Do Not Hate

I was originally attracted to this person because she seemed cool and I didn’t see her as a person who was too boring or “too dumb to know how to love.” After spending enough time with her I’ve learned otherwise.

This person is unlovable in the sense of “I just can’t accept her for who she is because of her flaws”, because you just can’t hate someone whose flaws you can admit to and accept – at least not in this lifetime or in the next few. That means you’ve stopped the “hate” before it starts, and now it’s time to be nice to them.

This means realizing what you want her to feel and doing it yourself. 

This person is the person who rejects you based on how you’re “supposed to be.” If they had to face their inner conflicts and deal with their issues, they would accept your right to feel whatever way makes you happy. Just by making that choice, they’ve proven to themselves that they don’t hate you and are willing to accept you as you are.