What The World Doesn’t Know About Your Body

You’re so full of shit, everyone thinks you hate your body. I’m not saying you should hate your body, but it’s important to have a healthy view of it because, as you’ll see, it has a lot to do with who you are — and who you’ll be.

On a whim, a few of my friends and I recently decided to try and look into something that we didn’t know existed, and it turned out to be everything you want to know about your body. The first thing we learned is that our bodies are really, really weird: A. We need a little help moving around, because our knees and hips aren’t made for running. B. The only kind of exercise that’s safe for us is the kind where, for the first two weeks, we get up and walk around, not sprinting or doing yoga. C. If you don’t keep our hips and knees from killing us, our knees and hips will kill us in a hurry. D. It takes a lot of nerve to exercise, like having to move our own organs around on our own bodies, and the only thing that helps us get through it is some kind of music. E. We think we do it all, but we’re actually just putting our feet up on our bed. F. My hips, knees and elbows all think they’re more important than my breasts or ass, and that’s why I always look at mine first. G. The skin over the bottom of our legs is called pubic hair because that’s where we get those little hairs to grow in, like we’re having a bath. The skin on our hips is called scrotum because that’s where our testicles are.

These myths really confused us during our first couple of days of learning about our bodies, thinking that our body was like one of those old TV shows that had a cast of characters that had to be balanced, or one of those old horror movies that showed the monster rising from the monster underneath the bed. It turns out that our bodies weren’t as balanced as we thought, because everything is in an order, everything in a circle, all connected in some way. Our bodies are a perfect circle, which we will learn about soon, but for now, we all need to feel connected to one another because our bodies really are a circle.

We’re not actually all connected, just like the earth isn’t one big perfect circle. But we’re all connected to each other.

“It’s Not Just A Circle” So how do you start connecting with others? The easiest way to do that is through music: a good song that will get your heart pumping, one that can get you pumped up and feeling good about yourself. If you listen with passion, your heart will start to race. When you feel like you’re having a good time, it will start to pump harder and faster, and it will be amazing. If you’re just going through life trying to find yourself like you did when you were a child, that will be okay too until you’ve discovered new music and come up with a couple of good songs that will make you feel a little bit better.

It’s OK to Say Things In A Good Way

If your friend is doing something that’s wrong, it’s not OK to say anything negative about the way his or her face looks, because a lot of people look like they’re suffering. It’s OK to say things in a good way, like, “I think you’re gorgeous,” or “That girl in the corner looks pretty hot too,” or “Have you seen those glasses on that girl’s face?” When you say how beautiful someone is, you won’t hurt their feelings, even if you think they can’t handle it, and it shows respect.

As I was saying before, it sounds like the most important part of communication, but it actually is. You get a lot of bad information that’s coming from everyone else, so you’re not going to listen to a lot of people unless you want to learn.

You’re Going To Learn

You’re going to learn to connect and listen to yourself and listen to those around you in a way that makes you feel comfortable, because no one is there to tell you that your body or a person’s face is ugly, and sometimes we learn our entire life that we’re not beautiful in a certain way. You’ll learn to accept yourself as you are, that whatever you do, your face and body are going to be great, but it won’t matter what your body looks like.

Just a little time spent talking about the things you like about your body and the things you don’t like can help you feel better and start to recognize things that were holding you back.